Lazio, Gazzetta: “Biancocelesti protect Property that does not start with Italy”

LAZIO, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the great controversy over Lazio player Ciro Immobile who did not leave for Budapest.

Lazio, Gazzetta: “Biancocelesti protect Property that does not start with Italy”

“The FIGC communiqué The decision to” confirm its unavailability “- as the FIGc communiqué later stated – was taken when Mancini returned to be contactable. “We spoke as soon as I arrived at Malpensa”, said the coach in the afternoon, who then thanked Immobile (“He was very good, he would have stayed with us. He wasn’t terrible, he wanted to try to recover”) and followed his official version: “It was not worth taking risks: we decided so after the check”.

“Mancini had the last word, then came the note with which the FIGC. She assumed authorship of the decision: «The coach has chosen to let the center forward return to the club he belongs to. Once the findings of the investigations have been ascertained. As always shared with the medical staff of the club ».

And in the absence of an agreement, precisely in order not to risk another dispute with Lazio, the FIGC as it had already been for Verratti (very evident injury), Politano, Pellegrini and lastly Tonali, could not nor wanted to take the responsibility of risking a player. Not 100% yet. Among other things for an edema that will probably be completely reabsorbed in 36-48 hours. As if he had not taken responsibility on Thursday evening: just before delivering the list of 23 for the match against England to Uefa, Immobile was still convinced that he could play at San Siro (he had also participated in the finishing), but since check done at lunchtime showed fatigue. So it is better to avoid the problem: as on Thursday, even yesterday morning “.

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