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Serie A tickets are always in great demand and matches sell out quickly. A Priority Points scheme is used to release tickets in phases to fans who already hold a certain number of points, based on their attendance at previous matches.

Tickets are rarely available on general sale, although occasionally hospitality options might be an option for supporters who don’t qualify to buy under the Priority Points scheme.


  1. Who can buy the Champions Pack?
    The Champions Pack can only be purchased by subscribers to the Serie A Championship season, 2022/23. There is no sales phase for people who do not have a championship season ticket: for these fans, the free single-match ticket sales phase will be available.
  2. Which matches are included in the Champions Pack?
    The Champions Pack includes the three home games of the UEFA Champions League group. The opponents of the Rossoneri and the dates of the individual matches included in the pack will be made official during the draw on Thursday 25 August.
  3. When does the sale start and what stages it will take?
    The sale, reserved for holders of the Serie A 2022/23 season ticket only, opens on 17 August at 12 noon. For a first phase, until 23 August, season ticket holders will be able to confirm their chosen seat for the championship. From 12:00 P.M on 24 August to 12:00 P.M. on 25 August there will be the possibility to change seats, always and only for Serie A 22/23 season ticket holders.
  4. What will be the active points of sale?
    The pack can be purchased from all the usual official sales channels:
    Casa Milan ticket office
    Vivaticket points of sale
  5. Do I have to have the Cuore Rossonero card to purchase the Champions Pack?
    Yes, the Champions Pack will be loaded on the Cuore Rossonero card, which will be the tool with which to open the stadium turnstile. To proceed with the purchase it will therefore be necessary to indicate the code of your card.
  6. Is it possible to sell the matches included in the Champions Pack?
    The matches included in the Champions Pack can only be transferred to other Cuore Rossonero cardholders, through the name change service available on our website at Transfer Title
  7. Are there any special reductions for the Champions Packs?
    Yes, in the Primo Verde Family sector the pack is available at a reduced price for Under 16 (€ 99), to be purchased in combination with at least one full-price Pack.
  8. What do I do if my seat is not available because it is reserved for UEFA?
    For UEFA Champions League matches, some positions available in the league are reserved, by institutional arrangements, for the organizing body of the event. If your seat is among those reserved for UEFA, you will not be able to purchase the Champions Pack on the same seat, but you will not lose the right to purchase the Champions Pack. We have, in fact, reserved an alternative seat for you in a sector similar to the one you occupied for the championship, as shown below:
    Poltroncine Rosse S from row 11 to 14 –> Sector S change place
    Poltroncine Rosse T -> Sector S
    Secondo Rosso Centrale, Sector 228 from row 10 to row 19 -> Sector 228 change place
    Terzo Rosso Centrale sector 330 from row 6 to row 11 -> Sector 329/331
    Primo Rosso Centrale B -> Sector P/R
    Poltroncine Arancio 157 -> Sector P/R
    Primo Aranciio 155 -> Sector P/R


  1. When do tickets go on sale for AC Milan matches at San Siro?
    For details on currently active sales, please see the following website page:
  2. Where can I buy tickets?
    The official points of sale are:, the official eticketing site reserved for registered users of the MyMilan area
    the Casa Milan ticket office, located at the Museum entrance
    Vivaticket points of sale
    the stadium ticket offices, only open on matchdays and in instances where tickets are available after the presale phase
    For more info, see


We remind you that it is important to buy tickets only by official channels (websites and, Casa Milan, Vivaticket points of sale or other points of sale specifically indicated by Milan): only in this way you will be guaranteed to buy a valid ticket and attend the desired event. We recommend that you beware other websites than those indicated, of private trades and other unauthorized channels, as they often offer counterfeit or invalid tickets. The Club is not liable for any fraud suffered because of purchases made outside the authorized channels.

  1. Is the Casa Milan ticket office also open on matchdays?
    On days when home matches are scheduled at San Siro, the Casa Milan ticket office is open for digital ticket sales. The issuance of Cuore Rossonero cards is not carried out.
  2. Is it mandatory to have a Cuore Rossonero card to buy tickets?
    No, there is always a general sales period which is also open to fans who do not own a Cuore Rossonero card.
  3. How many tickets can I buy at the same time?
    Each buyer can purchase up to a maximum of 4 tickets per transaction, as per current ticketing regulations. This limit is always valid, unless otherwise stated for the individual match.
  4. Will there be free admissions/tickets at discounted prices (for children, students, families or other categories)?
    Depending on the matches, discounted prices may be offered to certain categories of fans: the breakdown of prices can always be found in the match list published here:
  5. Will season ticket holders and those in possession of a Cuore Rossonero card have purchase priority?
    Each match will have specific sales policies, so we invite you to consult the information on our site to know when and how to purchase tickets
  6. Is it possible to choose the precise seat of my ticket when making the purchase?
    Yes, subject to availability, it is possible to choose a precise seat when making a purchase. When buying online, you can select the seat yourself. In the case of purchase at points of sale, the process is led by the operator, who will always offer the best available seats.
  7. Are there tickets available that include access to hospitality areas or parking?
    The price list always refers to the cost of individual tickets, so additional services are never included.
    Parking can be purchased by clicking on the appropriate button corresponding to the calendar of each match.


  1. Do I have to be registered on the AC Milan website to buy tickets online?
    Yes, you must be a registered user of the MyMilan area to access the eticketing service. It is advisable to activate your MyMilan account before completing the purchase: register now Login (!
  2. Do I have to have a Cuore Rossonero card to buy tickets online?
    The purchase of tickets on the site is open to all, subject to registration in the MyMilan area, except in the case of sales phases reserved for specific categories (e.g. sales reserved for season ticket holders or for Cuore Rossonero cardholders). Any specifications will be stated in the price list of the individual match, published on
  3. When I buy a ticket online, in what format is it issued?
    The ticket is issued exclusively in print@home format (pdf). This can be printed or saved in the wallet of your smartphone. It is not currently possible to load the ticket on the Cuore Rossonero card.
  4. What are the payment methods accepted online?
    It is possible to pay by voucher, Skrill and credit card, as well as with VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX prepaid cards. To complete the payment correctly, the Secure Code 3D function must be enabled for the card.
  5. How does payment by voucher work?
    At the time of payment, enter your voucher code in the field provided. The system will display the balance of your voucher and automatically deduct the relevant amount. If the value of your voucher does not cover the full amount that must be paid, it is possible to cover the difference using one of the payment methods accepted by our online system.
  6. The value of the voucher does not cover the cost of the tickets I would like to buy, can I make up the difference in another way?
    Yes, of course. You can make up the difference by using the payment methods offered by our online system.
  7. Can I use the voucher to buy tickets for other people?
    Yes, of course. It is not compulsory for the owner of the voucher to be the same person as the owner of the purchased ticket.
  8. I have lost my voucher, how can I get it back?
    To solve this, you can contact our Call Centre on (+39) 02 622 845 45, giving the first and last name of the voucher holder, the refund request code and the email address used to submit the refund request. The voucher will be sent back to you in PDF format.
  9. My voucher code is not recognised, what can I do?
    Please check that you have entered your voucher code correctly. In addition to this, please remember that you cannot use vouchers issued by other clubs to buy tickets for AC Milan’s home games. If you need further assistance, you can contact our Call Centre at (+39) 02 622 845 45 or write to
  10. I purchased a ticket online and received a PDF document by email; is it necessary to print it to enter the stadium?
    If you have purchased a ticket in PDF format with a QR Code, you can either print it or show it from your smartphone, always together with an identity document.
  11. I purchased the tickets online, I received the payment confirmation message, but, at the end of the procedure, I do not see any PDF document, have not received the tickets by email, nor do I see them in my reserved area: was the purchase successful?
    If the purchase was successful, but for technical reasons you have not received confirmation by email, we suggest that you contact the Call Center at (+39) 02 622 845 45 and provide your personal data and information relating to the account with which you are making the purchase.
  12. I can no longer find the email containing the purchased tickets: what can I do?
    You can contact the Call Centre at (+39) 02 622 845 45 and ask for the email and documents required for entry to be re-sent.


  1. I have bought a ticket but would like to change the seat. Is it possible to do so?
    No, once a purchase is complete, it is not possible to change seats.
  2. I have bought a ticket but can no longer attend. Is it possible to get a refund?
    As stated in the terms and conditions, it is not possible to claim refunds on purchased tickets. Should the original buyer no longer be able to attend, it is possible for them to transfer the ticket to another user via the name change procedure, which is available exclusively online (this is subject to any restrictions imposed by the Authorities).
  3. If an AC Milan match is cancelled, postponed or played behind closed doors as a result of regulations issued due to the health emergency, what happens to my ticket?
    All the relevant information will be communicated through official channels.
  4. What happens if stadium capacity is reduced?
    All the relevant information will be communicated through official channels.
  5. Am I entitled to a refund on my ticket if I test positive for COVID-19?
    No, as per the terms and conditions, you are not entitled to a refund, but it is possible to transfer the ticket to another user via the name change procedure.
  6. I have lost my ticket that I bought online, what do I have to do?
    Contact the Call Centre on (+39) 02 622 845 45 and ask for the ticket bought online to be sent again.
  7. I bought my ticket from a site other than How can I check if it is legitimate?
    The website seller authorised to sell tickets for AC Milan matches is Beware of buying from unofficial websites as they are often fraudulent and sell non-existent tickets, fake tickets or tickets at a significant mark-up compared to face value. In case you have any doubts, contact the Call Centre on (+39) 02 622 845 45 to receive clarification and a further explanation of the sales process.
  8. Can tickets bought online or paper tickets be sold on?
    Purchased tickets can be transferred via the name change procedure, which is available exclusively online. In the case of tickets issued at a discounted price, the ticket must be transferred to a person with the same rights as the original purchaser i.e. in the same age category. The name change procedure may be suspended due to provisions of the Public Safety Authorities. Always keep track of the information on our website for any updates in this regard!
  9. What do I need to enter the stadium?
    At the moment, a ticket/season ticket and an identity document for each fan are the only things required.
    In the event that regulations are enacted requiring the presentation of additional documents for stadium access, appropriate information will be provided on our official channels.


  1. Can I purchase a parking pass for a match?
    Yes, you can access the online purchase service on the following website:
  2. When are parking pass sales open?
    On our website, you can consult the list of matches for which parking passes are currently on sale.
  3. Where is the parking pass spaces located?
    The parking passes available online will allow you to park in the areas located in the forecourt of the stadium and the immediate vicinity. There is a reserved parking area for buses and a dedicated zone for away fans. A car park map along with all the details can be found on the purchase site.
  4. What do I need to purchase a parking pass?
    To make an online purchase, a credit card is required. You will also need to provide an email address to which the parking pass can be sent.
  5. Are there free parking areas for disabled fans?
    In the parking areas adjacent to the stadium, there are zones reserved for holders of an appropriate permit to park in disabled spaces. However, these spaces are reserved for holders of accreditation passes for the day’s event, as they are located next to the stadium entrance reserved for disabled supporters.

How to change the name of a ticket?

As required by the Internal Ministerial Decree of 6 June 2005, AC Milan must verify the identity of the users of the admission tickets (season tickets/tickets): whoever enters the stadium using irregular tickets is subject to the penalties provided for by Law. On this page it is possible to change the user to a person other than the one indicated on the stadium admission ticket: the operation has an immediate effect if concluded positively.

Important warnings

The change of user of admission tickets can be suspended at any time by AC Milan at the disposal of the competent Authorities: before proceeding, check for any limitations in the “stadium services and tickets” category.
The change of user of admission tickets is possible only if done for the benefit of a person with the same rights (Whole, Under16, Over 65).
It is not possible to request user changes with integration of what has already been paid for switching to a higher price type: from reduced to full, from one place to another.
It is compulsory to follow the instructions on the form certifying the change to be printed at the end of the procedure and which must be presented upon entering the Stadium, together with the admission ticket.
The online user change service is active up to 1 hour before kick-off; it is no longer possible to change names at the stadium ticket offices.
The change of user for the “games pack” is not permitted.


Available online, the card will let you live out your passion for AC Milan!
Welcome to the Cuore Rossonero World!

Please find your card that allows you to live your passion for AC Milan every day of the week.

The Cuore Rossonero fan card will facilitate your stadium experience: you will be able to buy tickets that are on restricted sale, as and when decided by the authorities, or follow the Rossoneri away from home, as and when the fan card is mandatory.

The Cuore Rossonero can be activated with a season ticket or a single match day ticket purchased in your name, which allows you, on behalf of a season-ticket holder, to access the stadium for one game by changing the name.

It is important that your personal information is always up-to-date: from your MyMilan account, you can keep your profile updated to help us to keep in touch with you, provide personalised offers and give you all the latest news from AC Milan.

Download the specific information for the CRN here and read the complete document here.

  • Dates, matches and purchasing options will be provided over the course of season on and through our dedicated newsletters

** Season tickets and match day tickets to be bought separately

The Cuore Rossonero fan card costs 20 Euros, plus delivery costs for cards bought online, which may vary depending on location.

The card can be currently acquired online or at the ticket office at Casa Milan. If bought online, the card will be delivered to the provided address within 15-30 days. The card’s code will be sent immediately to the provided email but will only be fully activated once all the personal information has been verified.


The Cuore Rossonero card issued on June 1, 2019, will be valid for four years, and the expiry date is printed on the card.
Any still valid card issued before that date will continue to be valid until the expiry date on the card.


To subscribe online the following are necessary:

Photo of front and back of I.D.
A digital passport-type photo; with nothing obscuring the face (e.g. no sunglasses, hats, etc.)
A photo of the cardholder with the I.D. clearly visible.
Payment details (credit or prepaid card)


Your Cuore Rossonero card cannot be passed on to.
But the stadium accesses loaded onto the card (season pass games and individual games) can be passed on to a third party, if they also have a Cuore Rossonero card.


Cards purchased directly at the Casa Milan ticket office are already active and ready to use.
Cards purchased online are not active until the holder recognition process is complete, until that moment the Change User function can be accessed with the code provided upon purchase, but all other services are unavailable (e.g. first option to buy, away game tickets, etc.).
The holder recognition process is carried out through the verification of the I.D. documents provided during purchase. If all documentation provided is verified, the card will be validated by the operators and becomes fully active. Should the documentation provided be incorrect or unreadable, the cardholder will have to visit the ticket office at Casa Milan or at San Siro Stadium directly to complete the process.
The entire process can be tracked online.


Should the card be deemed demagnetized or damaged at the stadium turnstile, it will be necessary to request a new card and the code on the old one will need to be provided. A completely new card, we with a new code, will be generated.
In case the Cuore Rossonero card is stolen or lost, the card can be blocked by contacting the AC Milan Call Centre on +39 02 6228 4545 or at
The card code is required to block a lost card. A new card can be requested. It is not necessary to file a police report. If you no longer have the code for the lost card, contact the AC Milan Call Centre to recover the necessary information.
Any tickets or passes on the revoked card will be automatically transferred to your new Cuore Rossonero card.
All renewal costs are charged to the buyer.

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