Lazio, Patric: “I did not hesitate to the renewal proposal”

LAZIO PATRIC- Lazio continues its retirement, today unloading work, after a brief muscle awakening for Sarri’s men. Meanwhile the DS, Igli Tare, works closely on the market to find a sinister winger.

Lazio, Patric: “I did not hesitate to the renewal proposal”

The Lazio defender, Patric Gabarron, was interviewed on the microphones of Lazio Style Channel, where it is told in detail. He talked about the photo image of last season and the happiness felt at the signing of the renewal. Here are the words of the Spanish defender:

About his life:

I come from a very small country. So when I left home at 12, my mother cried a lot, she almost fell into depression. I was 700 km from home, my father did double work, left the house at 6 in the morning and returned at 21, to take that money to come and see me every week. Some of my classmates, on the other hand, did not see their parents for many months. The first night away from home was when I arrived in Villarreal to try out: it was winter, I didn’t go out and didn’t eat for three days, I was just crying. Nobody came looking for me, it was a very hard experience. But I wanted to be a footballer, it’s something that either you have it or you don’t have it inside. It helps you to approach the right way, I always thought I could do it, I never thought of giving up“.

On Sarri’s work:

A huge pleasure. The fans notice the work I have done, renewing was an easy choice, it’s nice to be here, I feel at home. Like all families, there are also moments of difficulty but now I am experiencing a beautiful period in which I am happy and I will try to extend it as much as possibleFor me it means a lot to have renewed, I try to grow every year to take Lazio higher and higher. Compared to when I arrived, the club has become bigger, we went to the Champions League two years ago, we always play in Europe and we always aim for great goals.“.

On last season’s photograph:

Probably Milinkovic’s equalizer at Juventus, when we mathematically qualified for the Europa League. Last year we came from an important change on a tactical level, with the change of Inzaghi with Sarri: from Christmas onwards, the team understood what the coach wants and played much better, deserving the qualification “.


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