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Serie A tickets are always in great demand and matches sell out quickly. A Priority Points scheme is used to release tickets in phases to fans who already hold a certain number of points, based on their attendance at previous matches.

Tickets are rarely available on general sale, although occasionally hospitality options might be an option for supporters who don’t qualify to buy under the Priority Points scheme.


Info and free regulations under 14

All children born after 01/01/2008 accompanied by a parent (or relative within the 4th grade) in possession of a payment, they will have free access to the stadium by withdrawing the appropriate ticket in conjunction with the pre-sale of the event name coupon at the same time as the companion’s paid ticket.

The operation can be carried out exclusively at one of the Lazio Style 1900s indicated on the website of the SS Lazio at the same time as the purchase of the full-adult ticket.

To request the free coupon, the accompanying person must show the minor’s document (as an alternative it is possible to show the tax code) and fill in a self-certification certifying the degree of kinship. The aforementioned coupons will be released to the maximum extent of one minor for each adult.

The adult must also ensure the surveillance of the minor for the entire duration of the sporting event.

Unaccompanied minors will not have the right to access the sports facility even if in possession of a regular permit dedicated coupon.

The aforementioned discount is valid only for all sectors except the Curva Nord and the Tribuna D’Onore Centrale and will be communicated from time to time the tender in which it will be applied.

Please note that in relation to the provisions of the decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 6/6/2005, the ticket is nominative, and therefore at the time of purchase, it will be necessary to present a valid identity document.



The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) has the task of maintaining adequate relations with the public; the purpose of its function is to build, preserve, consolidate and develop the club’s bond with its fans. This role was introduced by UEFA (see Article 35 in the Licensing Manual – Version 2.3 (and in all its subsequent versions), to commit the clubs to improve the relationship with their supporters and to better organize their participation in events and initiatives The main objective is to guarantee an adequate and constructive dialogue between the clubs and their supporters by making communication between the interested parties more transparent.


The relationships of the Club with fans and/or groups of supporters are defined through the SLO; these relationships can become part of the “life” of the Club thanks to the commitment of the SLO which, in turn, interacts internally with all areas of activity. It is important to underline, also based on the latest provisions of the Italian Football Federation (see the official press release n. 326 / A and the reference to Art. 12 of the sports justice code – sub 9), that the SLO represents the only function in the Club to which the knowledge of the fans and the “two-way” communications with them is entrusted.


The objectives pursued through the introduction of the mandatory nature of the SLO are:

  • Improve and, in some cases, initiate a constructive dialogue between fans and clubs.
  • Increase the quality of services offered to fans.
  • Establish a network of SLOs at the national and European levels in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ” best practices “.
  • Promote and boost social activities.
  • Improving the organization and management of matches through a fan empowerment process.
  • Contribute to improving relations between various stakeholders in the world of football, in particular between fans, club administrators, owners, and institutions responsible for carrying out football events.
  • Prevent, through initiatives and discussions with fans, episodes of violence and/or discrimination.


telephone: 06.3237333


The Disability Access Officer (DAO) has the task of promoting and coordinating all those activities aimed at making the Company’s services and accommodation facilities (stadium, training center, etc.) easy to access and usable for people with disabilities.


The figure of the DAO contributes to creating and maintaining an inclusive and welcoming environment on match days; helps your club meet the needs of the disabled fan.


  • mail:
  • telephone: 06.3237333


The MILLENOVECENTO card is a symbol of loyalty to the biancocelesti colors but it is also essential to subscribe to the season ticket. The owners of the MILLENOVECENTO can have priority in purchasing tickets for the most important matches (any facilitations will be communicated during each match) but also to take advantage of offers and discounts with affiliated companies. In the event of high-risk games, the purchase of the guest sector may be limited to fidelity card holders only.

All personal data, including the identification photo, are kept only by the company (in compliance with the privacy law) while the activities of the police bodies are limited to the exclusive ascertainment of any impediments to the purchase of the ticket and/or season ticket. and only for the time necessary.


It is possible to buy the SS Lazio Millenovecento Fidelity Card in online mode at this link▪ & cmd=ShowTdtListType or at one of the Lazio Style 1900 enabled in via di Propaganda, via Calderini, Parco Leonardo, Rome East by presenting yourself in person with a valid identity document.

  • for minors, a parent (or whoever exercises parental authority) must provide and sign the above documentation.


The expiration of the Fidelity LA MILLENOVECENTO is printed on the card. The cards are valid for 5 years. The cost is 15 EURO plus shipping costs in case of online purchase.

The 2022/23 Season Ticket Campaign reopens to give all fans who have not yet done so to secure their place at the stadium and accompany the journey of Mr. Sarri’s boys in this championship.

From Thursday 15 September at 16:00 to Friday 23 September at 12:00 , it is possible to subscribe to subscriptions only and exclusively combined with the Eagle Card or the Millenovecento online on the portal, at the Vivaticket points of sale or at authorized Lazio Styles.

We remind you that the Season Ticket Campaign includes the remaining 15 domestic league matches and the first home match of the Italian Cup.


  • on the portal (by entering your card code on the dedicated page and printing the placeholder on an A4 sheet)
  • at the Lazio Style sales points in Via Calderini, Parco Leonardo, Roma Est, via di Propaganda (receiving the place card on the thermal ticket).
  • at Vivaticket points of sale (receiving the place card on the thermal ticket)

We remind fans not in possession of the MILLENOVECENTO or EAGLE CARD that they have the possibility to buy them both at the LAZIO STYLE 1900 in Via Calderini, Parco Leonardo, Roma Est, via di Propaganda or, only the MILLENOVECENTO, on the portal .

Finally, we invite fans in possession of TRADITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS (paper) or of MILLENNOVECENTO deteriorated or that have given problems to the entrance turnstiles to the stadium, to go to the LAZIO STYLE 1900 in Via Calderini, Parco Leonardo, Rome East, via di Propaganda and buy a new MILLENOVECENTO or alternatively the EAGLE CARD: the staff will transfer the season ticket to the card.


Prices include the first home match of the TIM Italian Cup.


SS Lazio announces that a restructuring of the Tiber grandstand is underway and in particular sectors 30 BD on the “S” side, 30 BS, 34 BD, 34 BS and 37 BD on the “D” side which for the moment will not be sold .

Please note that reduced rate passes cannot be subject to name change.


For this type of rate it will not be possible to change the name (excluding the rate for civil invalids at 100% and disabled in wheelchairs with their respective companions).

The reduced rates Under 16, Woman, Over 65 and Aquilotto can be purchased both online on the web portal and at the Lazio Style in Via Calderini, Parco Leonardo, Roma Est, via di Propaganda and in the Vivaticket points of sale . The disabled and companion fare can only be purchased at the Lazio Styles mentioned above.


The U.16 rate is reserved for those born after January 1st 2006 and is available for all sectors.


The Donna fare is reserved for women and is available for all sectors except for the Tribuna d’Onore.


The Over 65 fare is reserved for those born before 1 January 1957 and is only available for the Tribuna Tevere, Tribuna Tevere Top and Tribuna Monte Mario sectors.


The Aquilotto rate is reserved for those born after 1 January 2008. This type of subscription is valid for 16 matches (including the first of the Italian Cup) with the possibility of pre-emption for the remaining 3 Top matches (against Juventus, Rome and Milan). The Aquilotto fare for the Tevere Top grandstand can be purchased necessarily combined with an adult season ticket.


The 100% Invalid Rate is reserved for all those who have a certificate proving 100% disability. The same rate is also valid for the accompanying person. The fare is available for all sectors except for the Grandstand of Honor.


The wheelchair disabled fare will have free access to the Tevere Disabled grandstand together with the companion who will pay € 180. This sector can only be purchased at the Lazio Style in Via Calderini, Parco Leonardo, Roma Est, via di Propaganda.



The MILLENOVECENTO, which is valid for 5 years, can be purchased from authorized Lazio Style and online mode on the web portal . were restrictions on the sale by the Observatory on Sporting Events.


The EAGLE CARD, which is valid for 10 years, can only be purchased at authorized Lazio Styles. It contains personal information, but does not have a passport photo and cannot be used for business trips.


All subscribers in possession of the voucher requested at the end of the 2019/20 season will be able to use it for the full or residual value for the online purchase of the season ticket, by entering the voucher code at the time of payment.

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