Leipzig, Gasperini: “We can’t buy their players, at most it’s the opposite. About Olmo … “

LIPSIA GASPERINI – Gian Piero Gasperini, Atalanta coach, made some statements on the eve of Leipzig-Atalanta speaking in particular of the German club. Here is what was stated.

Leipzig, Gasperini: “We can’t buy their players, at most it’s the opposite. About Olmo … “

“We cannot afford to buy their players, at most it’s the opposite. They are very solid, sometimes you have to remember where we come from, our size. Their company has a solid, professional approach, also as regards the choice of young people. Beyond the economic availability, there are some very strong serious projects behind it. Facing this type of society can be useful to us, it can give us ideas to enrich our knowledge. Elm tree? We do not find out, we have already seen him in Zagreb, Leipzig bought him and he has become an important player for the national team as well. Through these competitions we can admire young people who manage to reach great teams. It’s a great competition for this too, see the growth of these guys “.

The Europa League returns

After the two Champions League evenings, the Europa League returns tomorrow. To open the quarter-finals, it will be the advance between Leipzig and Atalanta at 18:45. In the evening the super favorite team of the tournament, Barcelona, ​​will be guests of Eintrach Frankfurt. Sporting Braga-Rangers, West Ham-Lyon, the other two matches scheduled at 21. Gasperini’s Atalanta, together with Roma in the Conference League, are the only two teams left to represent Italy in the continental context.

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