Damiani, Lecce: “Playing football in the South is difficult, I am inspired by the Bundesliga”

DAMIANI, LECCE – Lecce boss Damiani made important statements to the Gazzetta Dello Sport, talking about major issues.


president of Lecce recently promoted to Serie A, he told about his models – and not only – in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport: “For my Lecce I look a lot to the Bundesliga. Many clubs in Germany are linked to local realities, with a participation fee of external parties. And I would never want to lose the link with Salento. I am very proud to bring some brands from Salento to Serie A.

But playing football in the South, in the deep South considering the case of Lecce, is complicated. We live in a context in which public administrations have no resources to accompany us. We had to intervene with several million operations in the stadium. All resources were taken from the club, but it was necessary to intervene on the structures. I have many examples in Northern and Central Italy of administrations that have been able to accompany the clubs, also from an economic point of view “.

Christian Marangio


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