Meret, CorSport announces: “Alex can leave Napoli”

MERET CORSPORT – Despite Ospina’s farewell and Meret’s now certain stay in Campania, a new apocalyptic scenario is about to hit the blue house. The cards on the table can change and now the goalkeeper’s future hangs in the balance, especially after Empoli has targeted the former Spal to replace Vicario, now destined for Lazio. A new episode of the Neapolitan soap opera, told by today’s edition of Il Corriere dello Sport.

Meret, CorSport: “Farewell to Napoli is possible, Empoli hypothesis puts forward”

Meret (Naples)

Below are the words reported by the well-known Italian newspaper:

The Napoli goalkeeper telenovela is enriched with a new episode: Alex Meret, for some time at the center of a contract negotiation that the company is convinced to close in Dimaro with the signatures, has entered the sights of Empoli by arrogance.

Yes: the Corsi club negotiates with Lazio the sale of Vicario, protagonist of a great season and just redeemed from Cagliari, and apparently, when the deal is concluded, the assault on Alex will start. An idea that has been cultivated for a while, in silence and in great secrecy, but it is obvious that the moves of Napoli will certainly make the difference..

The first step will be the extension of the contract, expiring in 2023, and then eventually go and discuss everything else. Meret’s priority, first of all, are the stimuli: wants to feel at the center of the project and above all to play continuously. Ospina’s adios seemed the beginning of a new course, but evidently the story did not go as defined “.

Edoardo Riccio

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