Zaniolo, CorSport: “Italian talent awaits Juve’s move”

ZANIOLO CORSPORT – Despite the intense bond built over the years in the capital, Zaniolo could greet the Giallorossi in this transfer window. Juve’s tempting offer is not indifferent to him, but nevertheless he is agitated, as he is waiting for a negotiation between the two clus and to know his future as La Gazzetta explains.

Zaniolo, CorSport: “Nicolò attracted by Juve’s tempting offer”

Below are the words reported by the well-known Italian newspaper:

He started drifting, as if he were going to jump an opponent with his famous progressions. Nicolò Zaniolo arrived in Trigoria for the rally, accompanied by his father Igor by car, without stopping for autographs and the photos that asked for a small group of young fans.

The episode provoked an annoyed reaction from one of them, who gave him an insult. It is the snapshot of a moment of tension that Zaniolo tried to soften at the exit, after the athletic tests organized by Rome.

In that case he preferred to please the fans who remained in the sun waiting for him and the other players. But when he was exhorted “not to go to Juve” with rather colorful terms he did not bat an eye, he chose absolute silence, very serious.

The truth is that up to this moment no one is in able to tell how this will end history and. That Rome has asked the prosecutor of Zaniolo, Claudio Vigorelli, to bring a reasonable offer is confirmed. Yesterday not by chance in Trigoria there was a new meeting with Tiago Pinto. May Zaniolo be enticed from the hypothesis to move to Juventus, the team for which cheered as a child, it is also understandable.

But the element is missing main, that is the negotiation. The two companies after a meeting fast in Milan among the directors, they no longer confronted each other on the subject.

So? We have to wait. If Juve is not in a hurry, Roma are also in their corner to understand which direction to take. The most agitated is Zaniolo himself, who has understood that he is on the market and would like the situation to be clarified as soon as possible “.

Edoardo Riccio 

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