Milan, CdS: “Berardi makes Crack and the Rossoneri don’t start well”

MILAN, CDS- As the CdS reports today, the Milan team really lost a great opportunity in Reggio with Sassuolo.

Milan, CdS: “Berardi makes Crack and the Rossoneri don’t start well”

Mapei Stadium. In the stadium where he had won the Italian flag last May 22, this time Pioli had little reason to smile: his Milan did not go beyond 0-0 and will experience a derby… in a run-up, -1 in the standings compared to their cousins. Saturday will need another performance, another rhythm and another quality in the play, otherwise it will be difficult to keep zero in the box of losses suffered. Yesterday the Devil was saved by Maignan, who saved the penalty kicked by Berardi, and finished towards the door of Consiglio 11 times (never so few since the beginning of the season), framing it in just 2 circumstances. Okay, Sassuolo was not the compliant one overwhelmed 100 days ago, but it was reasonable to expect more from the leaders. The Rossoneri had low batteries or perhaps they were hoping to win the three points without putting the high gears: the second lines wasted an opportunity, but even when the owners entered, not much changed. It is therefore right to recognize the skill of the men of Dionisi who defended themselves well, without however renouncing to start again. They deserved the draw, ruined only by the injury to Berardi which is likely to weigh on in the coming weeks ”.

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