Milan, CdS: “De Ketelaere does not unlock, Maldini is tired of waiting”

MILAN, CDS – As reported by the CdS, Milan is really in great trouble in this incoming market as De Ketelaere does not unlock.

Milan, CdS: “De Ketelaere does not unlock, Maldini is tired of waiting”

Not even the second blitz by Maldini and Massara, this time not in Belgium, but on a neutral field, in Lugano, produced the hoped-for turning point: De Ketelaere continues to be a Bruges player and the distance between supply and demand has remained substantially unchanged. The bank, however, has not jumped. And this is probably the only partial positive news of yesterday. It is true that the Belgian company continues not to fall from its requests, that is to say a fixed quota of 35 million euros to which the usual bonuses are added – while the Devil is in turn stopped on its quotation of 32-33 million, prizes including -, but it is equally true that a wall has not been built around the player. Simply after having had to give up the over 37 million put on the table by Leeds, for the choice already made by De Ketelaere to “marry” Milan, Bruges, to satisfy him, wants at least to get close to that figure. “

 A RELAUNCH IS NEEDED.So how does the Rossoneri intend to behave? Well, yesterday had to be that limit, that of the inside-out. Instead, according to what transpires from via Aldo Rossi, the game is not to be considered closed. In short, Maldini and Massara still want to try to insist. Evidently, yesterday’s meeting (from 13pm to 14.15pm) at the Hotel Splendide in Lugano with Bruges’ director Mannaert must have left him some leeway. “


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