Milan, CdS: “De Ketelaere finally joins the Rossoneri”

MILAN, CDS – As reported by the CdS, Milan is on the trail of revenue after weeks of really important negotiations for the Belgian.

Milan, CdS: “De Ketelaere finally joins the Rossoneri”

Ad it’s really done: De Ketelaere is a Milan player. For the moment unofficially, but as soon as possible also officially. Tomorrow (perhaps even today, but it is very difficult) he will disembark in Milan, to undergo medical examinations at the latest on Monday. The turning point, however, came late yesterday morning, when Bruges gave the long-awaited answer to Milan, accepting the latest proposal on the table: 32 million euros as a fixed amount, plus another 4 in the form of bonuses and, in addition, a percentage (around 15%) on any resale, but only on the difference between the amount that the Devil will collect and what will be paid to the Belgian club.

In essence, the Rossoneri club had to slightly correct the offer presented on Wednesday, raising the fixed quota by another million and reaching 36 million in total, including prizes. Thus, the Bruges Board of Directors, called urgently and staged on Thursday evening, gave the definitive go-ahead. “

Milan, CdS: “De Ketelaere finally joins the Rossoneri”

LATEST DETAILS.While De Ketelaere’s absence from the training ground was another sign of an operation now in the home straight, Milan and Bruges spent the day exchanging documents and drawing up contracts. The last obstacle to be resolved turned out to be some problems that CDK’s agent, De Mul, had with the Belgian club. The player, on the other hand, in addition to having renounced about one million in total over the five-year period that he will sign with Milan (he will earn 2,3 million per season instead of 2,5), has also left a share of the accrued bonuses on the table. It was the umpteenth demonstration of how much Milan wanted. Even the Devil, on the other hand, wanted it at all costs. It took long weeks of negotiations and discussions, sometimes with the tones that have risen, given that the Belgians have always been very rigid in their bargaining. “


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