The Lazio referee officer: “Pairetto’s mistake on Acerbi’s goal is in good faith”

The Lazio referee officer, Marco Gabriele, made some statements to the Lazio Style Channel microphones. Here is what was declared.

The Lazio referee officer: “Pairetto’s mistake on Acerbi’s goal is in good faith”

“It is important that you know the rules that are often distorted or misinterpreted. Compared to what happened in La Spezia, it is enough to resume the Var protocol. I speak with the players on a daily basis, we often confront each other. It was understood how important it is for a club to have players on the pitch who know the rules and who know what to talk about with the referees.

Var protocol in 4 situations: goal scored, penalty kick, direct expulsion, identity exchange. What concerns us today is the goal scored, and in particular a possible infringement by the attacking team in the action that led to the scoring of the goal. This is the rule that must be applied by those who are in the Var “.

The Lazio referee officer: “Pairetto’s mistake on Acerbi’s goal is in good faith”

TECHNOLOGY – “Every goal of a goal must be checked. There is a technology that the federation has chosen on this type of revelation, which draws two lines, one blue and one red, to detect the presence of any offside players. One of the two: either it was not traced or it was traced and a wrong interpretation was made. If a mistake has been made, it is one of the many mistakes that have also occurred with the use of the Var.

I refer to the goal canceled by Immobile in the case of Lazio-Venezia, or to Ibanez’s elbow during the derby, you can clearly see that he voluntarily hits Milinkovic in the face. Lazio has chosen a line, which is not to protest. If the decision was wrong we accept that too “.

UNERBI – Pairetto and Nasca suspension? Proof that a mistake has been made. The goalkeeper is always considered as the last defender, in this case the goalkeeper is ahead of two or three defenders as on the way out, Nasca may have correctly placed the line on the last defender, but seeing Acerbi above the off-side line considered the regular goal. However, this is a bona fide mistake ”.

Yesterday, Lazio won 3-4 against Venice thanks to a goal from Acerbi in the eighty-eight minute. The goal, however, is offside: in fact the referee Pairetti and the referee Var Nasca have been suspended until the end of the season. The addict to the Lazio referees, after some insinuations made to Sarri’s team, wanted to clarify that the referee’s mistake was in good faith. Now Lazio is at an altitude

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