Milan, CdS: “Leao, what a certainty for Pioli and fans”

MILAN, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Milan have great team certainties in this friendly session, but not only in this case.

Milan, CdS: “Leao, what a certainty for Pioli and fans”

“Si see Milan again. Indeed, the one against the Wolfsberger was a real test of strength. Obviously, to be calibrated with the value of the opponents, who appeared completely inadequate in contrasting the quality and variety of the Rossoneri’s maneuver. And the final 5-0 is the most eloquent demonstration of this, with the addition of all different scorers. Even Zalaegerszegi, however, at least on paper, had to be clearly inferior, but just last Saturday he was able to give 3 slaps to the Devil in less than half an hour and to bring home a prestigious victory. Beyond the greater number of the first choices, however decisive, another significant difference of the Devil last night, compared to the previous release, was the attitude. Pioli’s men, in fact, never lost concentration, managing the ball in the best possible way, minimizing the risks, so much so that the only saves came in the second half, with a careful Mirante, and after both teams had been abundantly revolutionize. “

USUAL LEAO.The happiest note for Pioli, as stated, is having rediscovered the identity of his Milan. And it is the best signal for the championship that is about to begin. Waiting, of course, for the grafts that will certainly arrive between now and the end of the market. The Devil, in short, has put on the dress in which he had concluded the last tournament, winning the Scudetto. And the best accessory of this dress continues to be Leao, literally devastating in the first half. With the support of the usual Theo Hernandez raged on the left-handed lane, sinking at will. And, since without Giroud (who was resting), there was no real point of reference up front, since Rebic was constantly changing, he took care of the conclusions. He refined his aim on a couple of occasions and then invented a spell, taming a Calabrian lancet in an extraordinary way, and then overrun Gutlbauer with a pole. “


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