Milan, CdS: “Tonali for the Rossoneri life, the midfielder renews with Pioli”

MILAN, CDS – As reported today by the CdS, the renewal of Sandro Tonali at Milan is really something done with figures of confidence in the boy.

Milan, CdS: “Tonali for the Rossoneri life, the midfielder renews with Pioli”

In fact, then, after a lackluster first season in the Rossoneri, the redemption of the Brescia midfielder had become in the balance. The doubts were of the property, which considered the figure of 35 million for his price tag to be excessive, certainly not of Maldini and Massara. After a back and forth with Cellino, the Rossoneri club got a substantial discount. The president of the Rondinelle, however, also demanded that Tonali reduce his salary, so as not to be the only one to pay the consequences of that unhappy year. The player, who has always been a Milan player and with the absolute desire to continue being a Rossoneri, accepted, giving up around 600 euros: from 2,2 to 1,6 million per season. “

DOUBLING.Maybe even at through that gesture the new Tonali was born, one of the absolute protagonists of the last Scudetto and one of the Rossoneri with the highest performance and consistency during the season. And this is the reason why we are thinking about a salary that will be substantially double that of this season, therefore just over 3 million euros. And, obviously, the new deadline will be 2027. Tonali, in short, will not reach the Rossoneri currently highest paid, or Theo Hernandez, but the leap will still be significant and in line with the “project” indicated at the beginning, namely that the midfielder is destined to be for a long time one of the pillars of the Devil, also due to his 22 years. And the imminent extension certainly does not preclude new shots, especially if Tonali’s performance continues to maintain certain very high standards ”.

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