Milan, Gazzetta: “All the faces of Leao’s renewal”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Milan team puts its face into the renewal of Leao, with many intertwining.

Milan, Gazzetta: “All the faces of Leao’s renewal”

“Embarrassment A creeping veto for months has punctually opposed them, given that the French lawyer Dimvula has the all-encompassing power of attorney of the player, while Mendes is the counselor of the family only on parole (who comes and goes…). Thus, the two struggle to understand each other: the dualism is in the facts. The Parisian does not like that the Portuguese super agent boasts excellent relations with Sporting Lisbon, guaranteeing an agreement for the well-known affair. Something went wrong yesterday, embarrassing everyone. It is good then to take a step back to understand the reasons for this controversy. For some time the Leaos had been pressing Mendes to solve the case in their homeland, so when dad Antonio met the enterprising Dimvula in Paris he advised Rafael to change advisor. It is singular that the lawyer, of African descent, used a special weapon to win the trust of the Leao: the lingala. That is to say the most widespread language in the Republic of Congo and in Angola, the native land of the Rossoneri striker’s parents. The reasons of the heart combined with those of the business? In any case, Dimvula knows the way to make a career. His Parisian studio is a stone’s throw from the historic Place Vendome and has preferred football practices to corporate law practices in recent years. Just to look at our house, he managed the arrival of the young defender Lenny Manisa from PSG to Parma. And he certainly does not intend to stop here “.

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