Milan, Gazzetta: “Leao still towards Milan”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Milan really wants to lock Leao in a really important way.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Leao still towards Milan”

“Leao has accustomed the Milan fans to sprint at great speed: the negotiations for the renewal of the contract are proceeding slowly. Not only that: if Rafa in the area is almost always punctual, yesterday’s meeting between the club and the lawyer who looks after his interests was long in coming. The substance does not change, everything went according to forecasts: Leao became a leading player (repaying the Rossoneri bet of the summer of 2019) and yesterday, as announced, was the day of the first face to face between the parties. Maldini and Massara, Milan dt and ds, on one side of the table, Rafa’s French lawyer, Ted Dimvula, and a trusted collaborator of him, on the other ”.

“The barrier of the Casa Milan underground car park was raised shortly after half past five in the afternoon: a taxi accompanied the player’s representatives to the venue. Another took them back an hour and a half later. Even the traffic shows the importance of the day: Maldini left with his car immediately after eight, at the end of a Tuesday of work that began in the morning. And Massara stayed in the office even longer ”.

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