Milan, Gazzetta: “Pioli in Champions form in the league”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta, the words of the Milan coach are really important given the situation in recent weeks.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Pioli in Champions form in the league”

“He has done it again: the more the threads get tangled, the more he unravels them with a” poke “of his own and gets straight to the goal. Also for this reason, the crush in London, reviewed by the rear-view mirrors of the 2-0 at Juve, looks a little more like an accident along the high-speed path of this Milan that knows no crisis: Stefano Pioli and his team slept as a leader. , waiting for the answers from Napoli and Atalanta, and maybe they dreamed of how to take revenge on Chelsea on Tuesday at San Siro. Because one thing is certain: when the Blues show up here in three days, they will face another Devil, a fluid creature that sheds its skin as needed and surprises its opponents. It happened in the past, it happened yesterday and it can happen in the Champions League “.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Pioli in Champions form in the league”

“Winning couples Until yesterday, Pioli had never beaten Allegri in Serie A. He succeeded in attempt number 17, with the blush of the three London slaps still on his cheeks and a long list of unavailable players, from Maignan to Calabria, from Kjaer to Messias and Saelemaekers. If anything had said the match with Chelsea, it was that Milan needed an alternative to Krunic on the right and that Stamford Bridge’s De Ketelaere did not yet have the pace to take over the team: Pioli solved the problems with only one player, Diaz, and strengthened the midfield with Pobega. Result: Locatelli defused and Juve cut in two by Brahim’s break ”.

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