Milan, Gazzetta: “The Belgian baby phenomenon must be ready immediately”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reported, Milan are enjoying their new signing, but today it will take some time to add it.

Milan, Gazzetta: “The Belgian baby phenomenon must be ready immediately”

summit, at Juve. Because there is still a long way to go to get back to the top in the league. Maybe too much. It was a serene Max Allegri that flew to the United States, at that moment the first declared objectives had been achieved: Pogba and Di Maria, then the De Ligt-Bremer relay was immediate. With a completely different mood, however, Allegri returned from the States, the Juve market in fact stopped there. For example, the attacker is still missing ”.

“The situation in midfield has not even been unlocked, the coach has been waiting for a long time for a point guard more suited to his idea of ​​football, even on the outside and in defense something more or better would be needed. In summary: Juve greeted Chiellini and Dybala, De Ligt, Morata and Bernardeschi, in addition to the Pogba-Di Maria-Bremer trio, for now they have only welcomed young people returning from loan such as Gatti, Fagioli and Rovella. In short, in the field, the accounts do not add up from Allegri’s point of view. But the line is clear again: the accounts must return above all to the balance sheet, unscheduled investments are no longer foreseen, perhaps they would not have been even if Juve had had to face a very long absence for Pogba: the message from part of the property has already arrived loud and clear in the technical area. And it is this different vision on the accounts to be brought back that will be discussed today, in order to find the best solutions to strengthen the team while protecting the budget balance. Not easy “.

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