Milan, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are equal in the city of Mozart”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Milan team has not really put in place its great game and draws in the Champions League.

Milan, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are equal in the city of Mozart”

“AC Milan’s draw in Salzburg is valuable for qualification. But let’s face it: Chelsea’s defeat in Zagreb had triggered a greedy reasoning. By winning at the home of the most accredited rival for second place, Milan would have put the road to the second place downhill and would have returned to Italy with a joker to play in the duel for the primacy with Chelsea, at that point less favored than they are. was at the time of the draw. But things went differently and a Milan who was not very proactive must already be happy with the point gained in the comeback in the last minutes of the first half.

It is true that Leao’s shot ended up on the post after a deflection when the time was up, but it is equally true that the only clean scoring action of the second half was created by Salzburg. And beyond the lack of victory, Pioli must question the reasons for a mediocre performance against a discreet opponent but nothing more. Surely disposing of the fatigue and hangover of the derby in a few days is not easy and aggression. Moreover, the Austrians prevented the Rossoneri from thinking.

However, after a difficult start, we thought that the equalizer would finally untap Milan’s performance and allow them to take control of the game. But it never happened. Pioli’s team is used to dictating the pace in Serie A. But in Europe they can’t do it because the ball travels faster on every court.

That there may also be a character component is shown by the dangerous aptitude to go at a disadvantage: it has already happened four times out of six seasonal matches. It is true that Milan have always recovered, but the Rossoneri’s approach to the game must certainly be improved. However in the end this point, which today leaves a bitter taste, could be very important at the end of the games “.

Christian Marangio


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