Milan, Origi introduces himself: “Here to score and win”

MILAN ORIGI – Milan is very active on the transfer market, while waiting for the suitable operation for Ziyech and De Keteleare today presents Origi. The former Liverpool striker, after having carried out medical examinations and unlocked sports fitness, spoke to the microphones.

Here are the words of the new Milan player:

“When I came to play for Liverpool I felt absolutely, the vibes, I felt the history, the culture and the enthusiasm that surrounded everyone. We felt this push and this impulse, a great alignment between players, fans and coaches. This is also what makes a club great. I followed the entire path of Milan in the last championship. I saw the heavy goals that Olivier Giroud scored. We attackers must always try to strike the decisive blow, but this comes with work and always being ready. Based on how one prepares, then certain results arrive. I always try to give my best “

We started making contact towards the end of the season, but I was still focused on Liverpool. At the end of the season I understood Milan’s project even better and shared it. For me it was easy to choose, it is an honor to be part of this particular story that has been built over the years and continues. A legacy that has been handed down from generation to generation. Being able to make myself available to this team was an easy decision ”.


“There are many players who have been part of the history of Milan. It is difficult to name a single name, I am thinking for example of Van Basten, Sheva and Inzaghi. I have to learn from them, but making my own path. But I don’t just look at the forwards, my goal is to always improve and grow ”.

“For me it is important to grow, I want to be decisive”

“It is really very important to have a decisive role and be a value for the group. For me, the process of growth and continuity is important. We always need to improve in training and in matches to get to have good times with the fans. We do not know when these moments will arrive, you cannot foresee certain things but the goal is to have them with the fans ”.

Origi on Maldini and Massara: “To be here it was crucial to talk to Maldini and Massara. Maldini was one of the most important players in the world, he is part of the hall of fame and is an example for me. Massara is having a fantastic career as an executive, he is doing a huge, fantastic job. These executives brought important values. I am grateful to be part of this group. You can feel it in the atmosphere and in the values ​​that they have managed to convey to the team. For me it is an honor to have been chosen and led by managers like them “.

The Belgian on the goals in the derby: “I don’t know if there is a secret to all the goals I scored in the derby like the ones against Everton, but I think it is essential to always be ready. I really like special matches and derbies against Inter are among them, but I want to give my best in every match. “

The former Liverpool on the difference between English and Italian football: “There is a difference between Serie A and the Premier League. I was very lucky to have played several championships between England, France and Germany. They are all very different situations. Italian football is very tactical, there is great competitiveness. In the Premier there is more physicality, but I’m sure I can learn a lot from Italian football “.

Origi on Lukaku: “Lukaku is a great player, I’ve already had the opportunity to play against him and I always like to face great players. It is certainly very nice to be in Serie A with so many players with these qualities. It will be nice to play against him ”.

Origi on the warm welcome of the fans: “I have been at Liverpool for many years and I am very happy and grateful for this path. It is important to put my qualities at the service of the group and maximize my potential for the fans as well. I am here to give my best for the team and for the fans and I hope I can bring new successes to the club. I am happy with such a special welcome from the fans. And I’m right here to start working “.


Fortunato Condinno

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