Milan, Pioli: “We won’t lose Leao, on Adli ..”

MILAN PIOLI – Milan trained this morning at Milanello, intense training on the eve of the match against Bologna.

Milan, Pioli: “We won’t lose Leao, on Adli ..”

The Milan coach, Stefano Pioli, spoke to the microphones of the official Rossoneri channels on the eve of Milan-Bologna, the match valid for the third day. He talked about various topics, related to a possible sale of Leao and other comments on the newcomers. Here are the words of the coach Campione d’Italia:

On Ismaila Bennacer:

We are still at the beginning of the season, we have played two games. I have never had any doubts that Isma has great qualities. He presented himself very well, he works with great conviction, he must continue like this. He has the qualities to be a complete midfielder and also to finish at the net, because he has a nice shot ”.

About Leao:

I have no thoughts other than preparing for tomorrow’s match with whoever I have available. Leao has to think about continuing to improve for the potential he has. I’m not coaching a player thinking I can lose him, quite the contrary. His attitudes go somewhere else, even in training, in everyday life. That he can be doubled is now normal. If there are two on him, another means he is free. We will have to learn to manage the situation better. On Leao there was a sensational foul, the yellow was not enough and the Var certainly had to intervene. Mbappé better than Leao only in front of the goalkeeper because he is ruthless? We train for this too, Rafael will improve, and being more effective is one of his goals and I am sure he will get there ”.

About Yacine Adli:

We are very happy for him and his partner for the birth. Today he was there and he is available, I really like him as a player, then I have to make choices and make as few mistakes as possible. He is a strong player and he will have space, he will be able to demonstrate his qualities. I see it difficult now that he can play in the median, but a mezzala in a three-man midfield, yes ”.

About Tommaso Pobega:

Midfield at 3? Everything is possible. My players point me towards solutions. A team with 3 backs in staff, removing all three would become complicated. Let’s see, the next game will address us again. The important thing is to be dynamic and fluid “.

On the Transfer Market:

A defender or a midfielder? It is a question of names and not of numbers. Numerically we are complete. We will only intervene if the staff can be improved “.


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