Milan: Scudetto escape, goodbye to Ibra and Belotti idea. Inter: new stop and theft against Toro. Spalletti takes out Insigne and gets back on track. Champions Juve without a place for Dybala

Italian championship increasingly mediocre and far from the Europe that matters. Disappointing in the game if the big names of the season are lost like Inter e Atalanta to the point of allowing the remount of the Juventus who wins with the samp. But the seal on the last but sudden involution of the Seria A, puts it to arbitration class: Guide and Var Massa in Turin-Inter have made a huge mistake. The revolution, generational and not of the duo RocchiGervasoni miserably jammed.

Thanks to the new false step of Inter who drew in extremis and undeservedly in Turin, the Milan it is in Scudetto escape and now it just depends on the training of Pioli get your hands on tricolor conquered forlast time in 2011. The success, albeit of measure, with theEmpoli he did to denote the first escapade-Scudetto.


THEInter he avoided the defeat in minutes of recovery (goal of Sanchez) but the Turin deserved to win: more in the game, more dangerous, more fit physically and temperamentally: Inter (6 points in the last 6 races) suffered the intensity of the opponents.

It is the demonstration of what we wrote last time: that of Inzaghi is a poorly trained team in terms of strength and intensity. And without Brozovic, it also becomes more predictable in terms of the game. In Turin then she was grossly helped by theGuide referee and from Var Massa who have not judged by strictness the intervention of Ranocchia su Belotti.


A convergence of results on the Milanese front which thus delivered the practice scudetto exclusively in the hands of Milan. Not brilliant with theEmpoli but winning and once again without the support of Ibrahimovic entered right in the final instead of Giroud. But, if there is not a new change in the strategies of the Rossoneri managers, perhaps “sweetened” by the possible Scudetto, the Swede seems destined to end his season at the end of the season. career in the Rossoneri. And, probably, also that of a footballer.

A hypothesis that scares him as he has repeatedly stated but which he seems to have to deal with:advancing age, the slow recovery from injurythe increasingly frequent and economic claims seem to have convinced Milan to say enough. And, here too, if things turn out as they were recently set up, instead of the Swedish will arrive at the Rossoneri Belotti on a free transfer.


Annoyed by a few too many criticisms after the ko with Milan, Verona Spalletti has implemented a small-big revolution in the form and in the choice of players; choice he paid with i 3 points.

Meanwhile, perhaps mindful of the suffering in the middle of the field with the Rossoneri, goodbye to the midfield at 2 and the team lined up with the 4-3-3: essential the physical strength of Anguissa alongside Lobotka and Fabian Ruiz. The Spallettian revolution it also passed through the exclusion from the initial 11 of Insigne, lately rather intangible. And with a Osimhen in the engine (brace), due for the Naples still feel in racing championship.


Dybala like Ibra: also destined for to leave the team a end of the season why the Juventus has no intention of renewing the contract. Otherwise he would not have postponed the appointment scheduled days ago with his agent after the previous postponements in February.

But be careful: in Juve’s plans, barring surprises, Dybala’s replacement next season will not be Zaniolo but most likely Breakers: even younger, less expensive from the point of view of both tag that of the ‘engagement and more manageable on a tactical and behavioral level.

With the success against Samp, the roadmap of the formation of Allegri in the last 15 races it would be a record: 10 successes and 5 draws, the highest points average in Serie A. From minus 7 to fourth place at the end of November after the knockout with Atalanta a plus 8 on the bergamaschie place shiitake mushrooms almost put in the safe.

Di Paolo Bargiggia

Written by News Releases

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