Milan, Serginho to the Gazzetta: “We need a 90 shot for the Rossoneri”

MILAN SERGINHO GAZZETTA – Former Milan, Serginho, gave an exclusive interview to the columns of Gazzetta dello Sport, on newsstands today.

Milan, Serginho to the Gazzetta: “We need a 90 shot for the Rossoneri”

“So Serginho is a candidate for AC Milan’s“ 10 ”. But wasn’t she an outsider?

«I was joking, it’s just that I like atypical players, capable of doing many things. And in that role Milan need to strengthen themselves ».

Is that where he would use most of the budget for the market?

“Yup. If I had to say what was missing from last season’s squad, I would focus on the central attacking midfielder and on a more mobile striker than Giroud, who is, however, very good in the area ».

Give us names, then.

«Origi was taken as a point, before judging he will have to be seen in action. I go back to “10”, then, and say Ziyech. He prefers to play wider, but he is versatile and has strokes of genius ».

No Brazilian?

“Not until they have recovered the spirit and imagination typical of my country. The Brazilians have become too “Europeanized”, if the term passes me. In Milan, in the past, they imposed themselves because they did not distort themselves ».

What to add someone like Ziyech to a team that has established gameplay mechanisms?

“It would break through closed defenses. It is no coincidence that Milan suffered more often at the Meazza, against opponents who did not allow spaces ».

The can opener was Leao, most of the time.

«Rafa will still be the key man next season. He was fundamental for the Scudetto. And the plans for the new Milan ownership will also be understood from his future ».

In what sense?

«A similar talent must be held back, only in this way can the winning mentality of a club grow. If, on the other hand, it did not renew and were sold, then it would mean that the business comes first ».

In this regard, the confirmation of Maldini and Massara in the sports area should be a guarantee.

«They were the architects of the championship, together with Pioli. I would also add Moncada, who worked well in scouting ».

Were you surprised by that last minute signing on new contracts?

“A little, but I was sure it would end like this. Impossible to imagine a Milan without Paolo today ».

The confirmation of the managers, in fact, kicked off Milan 2022-23. Where will it arrive?

«It’s hard to say now, the market has to be closed first. I am convinced, however, that it will go up another step and complete a further step of growth ».

Enough to be a protagonist also in the Champions League?

«The objective must be to overcome the group stage, improving what we did last year».

Is it forbidden to dream bigger?

«Dreaming is always good, but let’s be honest, the gap with the top European teams is still there. Milan has strengthened but is a step behind clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid ».

Where are the main differences?

«One above all: the depth of the rose. The strongest teams take advantage of the substitutions without losing too much quality, in the long run this has an impact ».

Would you focus your efforts on the hunt for the second star then?

«AC Milan’s DNA is international, you know. Reconfirming as Italian champions and crossing that finish line before Inter, however, would be a great thing ».

The devil still in front of everyone, in Serie A?

«Inter and Juve have strengthened a lot, but titles are not won on paper. Otherwise the Champions League would almost always have ended in Paris ».

As for purchases, not even Monza is joking …

«When he will challenge Milan I will have a divided heart, because there are people like Berlusconi and Galliani, who were important to me. I heard Adriano just today, he is very excited. Believe me: he is about thirty years younger… »”.

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