Milan, TMW: “Eyes on Chukwuemeka”

MILAN CHUKWUEMEKA – Milan continues its pre-season work, today less tiring loads for Stefano Pioli’s men. In the meantime, an eye is given to market situations.

Milan, TMW: “Eyes on Chukwuemeka”

While the definitive closure for Charles De Keteleare is struggling to arrive, Brugge will try to reach 32 million plus bonuses for future resale, Maldini and Massara have an eye in England. Renato Sanches will wait for the definitive call from PSG which, in case it is missing, the Portuguese will choose the Milanese destination. It will close at 18 million plus 3,5 million net per season for the midfielder. Another name that is taking shape in these hours is that of Chukwuemeka of Aston Villa. The 03 ′ class, he is a central midfielder with excellent skills as a raider, skilled in technique and very agile. He can be used as an attacking midfielder in 4-2-3-1, he has an excellent shot from distance. Skilled in the defensive phase and in finishing, it has been many times seen the flexibility of him, compared to Paul Pogba. It is under Aston Villa that he would start for about 20 million, he is followed not only by Milan but also by the big Europeans such as PSG and Barcelona. Maldini is in love with this player, he knows that the price of the English is destined to drop and he would like to go all the way for the talented player.


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