Milan, TMW: “Greetings Bakayoko, on the Premier …”

MILAN BAKAYOKO – Milan are back to work, only a finishing session for the Rossoneri who are preparing for the match against Atalanta. Pioli confirmed the desire to improve a Devil, who already appeared in excellent shape.

Milan, TMW: “Greetings Bakayoko, on the Premier …”

Milan continues its work regarding the various goals for the incoming market. It is also careful, however, to free the redundancies that weigh on the Rossoneri’s salary and coffers. In the previous articles we have mentioned the probable sale of Lazetic, in the direction of Spezia. Another redundancy of the Italian Champions is Tiemouè Bakayoko. The second adventure of the  French al Milan it was not as brilliant as in 2018-2019, when he was at the helm of the Rossoneri Rino Gattuso. The current Valencia coach, he had made it a cornerstone of his chessboard, giving it continuity of performance and thus making it perform at its best. The change of coach and the different playing style did not favor the Frenchman, who is little taken into consideration by Stefano Pioli. For him now a goodbye is expected, also given the arrivals-returns of Pobega and Adli, as well as the idea of ​​Milan to take on a new midfielder, replacing Kessie. Papè Sarr of Tottenham and Seko Fofana are aiming for that, in an interview, reopened the doors to return to Italy. The track leading to Adrien Tameze is more secluded.


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