Naples, CdS: “ADL talks about numbers and Dries trains in solitude”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS reports today, Napoli returns to talk about itself with the Mertens question which is very hot today.

Naples, CdS: “ADL talks about numbers and Dries trains in solitude”

See him coach he is alone with the Nigeria shirt of Torino full-back Ola Aina and not with that of Napoli which he wore until a few months ago. Dries Mertens is a luxury free agent after the expiration of the contract and the missed agreement with De Laurentiis. In theory, there is still time to open a door. The Belgian is free to sign for any club but has always put Napoli at the top of his priorities, yet the economic agreement. He has never been reached despite the effort made by Napoli to get close to his requests. It was De Laurentiis, in a confrontation with the fans in the city, who revealed the figures proposed to the Belgian and rejected despite a triple raise: “At Mertens we first offered 1,8 million, then 2 and then 2,4 million and he refused “. There have been no more approaches, Mertens waits but Napoli probes the market for new strikes in attack only if someone leaves. “


THE FIGURES.Some videos have been around the web that show De Laurentiis walking around the city and stopping to talk to some fans, responding cordially to market questions, impassive despite unpleasant offenses received from a distance. They ask him about Mertens, he clarifies: «I offered him 1,8 million, then 2, then 2,4 and he refused them. So I said, listen…. and in any case he only wanted to stay a year ». This is the proposal from Napoli that the Belgian, aged 35, would have refused. There were no new chapters. An annual proposal that the attacker rejected due to a higher request but far from corporate ideas in a historical period in which the need was to reduce the amount of wages.

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