Naples, CdS: “Azzurri a bitter draw with the Salento”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS reports to date, Napoli has not really been able to set foot on the great event for the victory.

Naples, CdS: “Azzurri a bitter draw with the Salento”

Raspadori and instead the scene is of Columbus. And Lecce: 1-1 and second consecutive draw for Napoli after the one with Fiorentina. It ended like this, with the first regret of the season of a team that, time passes and faces change, but the Maradona syndrome still cannot dispel it. Spalletti focuses on the large turnover, but the 4-2-3-1 and the Jack-formula vanish after a while: Ndombelé, lined up with Anguissa in the middle, is evidently late and immediately goes into confusion, and Raspa himself, between the lines, ends up spinning in circles. Result: a playable ball in the area for Osimhen in the first half, from which the goal is born ”.

Naples, CdS: “Azzurri a bitter draw with the Salento”

 “Yes, the goal: one in two games after having scored 9 between Verona and Monza. Chance or problem? And again: little rhythm and little depth, also thanks to the excellent work of an opponent orchestrated by a splendid Hjulmand in front of the defense, armored by the two central Baschirotto and Tuia and enlivened by those of the trident: Banda is a constant danger, Di Francesco he is alive and Colombo, at the first time as a starter, exhibits a super shot and great personality. Especially after missing the penalty. By the way: Meret saved him, the goalkeeper in constant discussion, and for him it is a liberation. And a revenge: Navas is further and further away and Alex, on the other hand, is still in his place ”.


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