Naples, CdS: “Cholito towards the Maradona”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS reports today, the Napoli team must really integrate the right players in the squad to make progress.

Naples, CdS: “Cholito towards the Maradona”

Petagna lived two years in the shadow of Osimhen, he felt the need to return as a protagonist, he knows that he can do it in Monza – he is flattered by the offer received – where he would find Berlusconi and Galliani after the years of growth at Milan. Napoli has opened for sale, it is on the basis of a loan with obligation to redeem for a total amount close to 15 million. “

“De Laurentiis asked to eliminate the bond of salvation as a condition for redemption. Petagna has already said yes and is waiting like Simeone who, as a good Argentine, has never had doubts about the idea of ​​accepting the Naples court. Cholito is the first choice for the attack (a similar amount would be invested to the one obtained) and Verona, which has just redeemed him from Cagliari but has already imagined the future without him by focusing on Henry and Piccoli, has opened to the sale . Timing will be crucial. Napoli asked Simeone to wait because Petagna’s farewell will be defined first. “

Christian Marangio


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