Naples, CdS: “Here are the Azzurri in Verona”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported today by the CdS, the blue team that will take the field in Verona will be different, but not always too much.

Naples, CdS: “Here are the Azzurri in Verona”

Alex Meret hasn’t quite understood what he should expect from these next eighteen days, he hears names, sees shapes, crosses friends who have come to be by his side – until when? – And anyway, he has his suitcase close at hand: with that slanderous breeze that the market lets out, one must have the strength to pretend nothing has happened, take his personality and spread it to the “Bentegodi”. Spalletti will decide in the hours remaining at the kick-off: Keylor Navas is a very concrete possibility, should he arrive he would be the owner, but in Verona it will be up to Meret, at least until now, who has made a month and passes to retire and who, should the Costa Rican affair become complicated, it would be a human capital to be protected, despite everything that has happened. “.

Naples, CdS: “Here are the Azzurri in Verona”

The vigils then help to understand and Spalletti will have the opportunity to understand in the hotel or in the locker room how his goalkeeper is experiencing this situation but also how Fabian Ruiz is absorbing it, from whom the friendly match against Espanyol di Castel has already been stolen. di Sangro and that he will certainly be distracted by everything that is happening to him: the PSG has come forward (for quite a while), Giuntoli has become aware that the negotiation can still have unpredictable developments and with a timing that escapes any forecast . In the opening 4-3-3, with Lobotka and Anguissa will end up with Zielinski, one who has fun in that role there, as a left midfielder. And the new Napoli will actually be, it should still be the old one for nine-elevenths ”.

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Napoli, CdS: “Spalletti believes in his team right away”

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