Milan, CdS: “Rebic and Diaz enchant at San Siro, but watch out for defense”

MILAN, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Milan is strong in the first league game, but to date there is still something that the market can give.

Milan, CdS: “Rebic and Diaz enchant at San Siro, but watch out for defense”

Milan still like it. And he wins again. Four to two against Udinese. Which had taken the lead, then had been reassembled, had equalized and finally surrendered in the second half. When the strength and technique of a team emerged. It is no coincidence that he has the shield on his chest. At the beginning all the Italian champions played, the new ones on the bench ”.

“Double for Rebic, an amazing match for Brahim Diaz and Calabria, many positive moments for Milan, but not all of them. He was too light in the defensive phase where, by eye, Pioli pushed the line even further. He was also light because in the key moments instead of the regular defenders there were the forwards protecting the goal and they did it badly. Leao and Rebic, on the near post, were incinerated by Becao. On the header of the 1-0 from Friuli. While Messias fell asleep when Masina came out behind him and headed 2-2. Errors that the 70.000 lovers of San Siro overcrowded (and we are on the eve of August 4th) soon forgot, in front of the victory, the XNUMX goals, the performance “.

Christian Marangio


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