Naples, CdS: “Lozano takes the team on his shoulders”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS reports to date, Napoli has really put a great attack in line even with the Mexican’s return in form.

Naples, CdS: “Lozano takes the team on his shoulders”

Flashes of Chucky and Kvara, yes, but Napoli is still a work in progress. Under construction. On the hunt for an evolution that yesterday, in a friendly match with the newly promoted Girona in La Liga, came out only at times. All normal these days, but the impression taken after the draw with the cousins ​​of Maiorca remains: the team is to be reviewed. Despite the victory: 3-1, the final of the third catwalk at Patini in Castel di Sangro; the fifth since summer preparation began. In eleven days in the meantime it will already be championship, real matches: the first is away with Verona, on August 19th, and on Sunday at XNUMX pm with Espanyol, the last of the series, the general rehearsals of the first team will be staged. Much like the one he played for an hour yesterday. POLITANO KO. And then, the first victory of Castel di Sangro: draws with Adana and Maiorca, we said, and then a trio to the Catalans built especially in the final minutes: when the veterans of the first half of Girona collapse and the new entrants dyed blue – nine in total – they begin to lay down the law ”.

“Above all: Petagna, author of the 2-1 with movement and powerful left-footed striker, as well as the man who provokes the penalty for Yan Couto’s handball; and then Zerbin, protagonist of a series of accelerations on the right and the assist for Andrea (handsome). Of the potential holders of Verona, that is the team that played for about seventy minutes? The usual Kvaratskhelia, of course, initially on the bench for the after-effects of a blow remedied with Mallorca, and then on the field in the 21st minute instead of the injured Politano: resentment in the left calf, for him, and sight on Verona. Even Kvicha, with the time expired, leaves the field for a problem: shot in the face, for him ”.

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