Naples, CdS: “Navas also depends on Fabian, decisive hours”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported by the CdS, the Napoli team is looking for the thrust on the market for the goalkeeper Navas, but to date the right joints are lacking.

Naples, CdS: “Navas also depends on Fabian, decisive hours”

Fabian Ruiz will be a new player of Paris Saint-Germain, for Keylor Navas’ trip to Naples it will take a few more days. The last week of the transfer market is taking shape and runs parallel to the Ronaldo affair with the need to sell the Spaniard and try in every way to catch the goalkeeper despite Spalletti’s words of esteem towards Meret: «He made two great you leave and there is already a strong and expert reserve like Sirigu ». The hierarchies in goal are currently locked, but everything could change: there are still five days to wait for positive news from Paris (and Mendes) and welcome the PSG number one. 


WAIT.Navas, by contract, has insured a total of 18 million until 2024. He does not want to give up anything, he is a professional, which is why the operation has not yet been released: how will the two companies divide the figure? De Laurentiis has already been clear, he is ready to offer the goalkeeper a two-year deal worth 6-7 million in total, the rest will have to be covered by PSG with a rich severance pay, but at the moment there is no agreement. Napoli has never been in a hurry, awaits the agreement between the parties, then it will be ready to sign Navas, meanwhile a goalkeeper is already there and enjoys (even in words) the respect of Spalletti: «Meret has played two great games, especially the second, so we are good between the posts, we also took a strong and experienced reserve. Hierarchies? You look at what happens during the week, in modern football the goalkeeper is a role like any other, you can also make rotations ».


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