Naples, CdS: “Simeone in the shadow of his father, wants to conquer the city”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Napoli has really scored a great blow like Simeone who reaffirmed the desire for blue.

Naples, CdS: “Simeone in the shadow of his father, wants to conquer the city”

Giovanni is a Simeone and also a Cholo. That is a Cholito: he conquered Napoli at the age of 27 with his strength, and with merit, after a super season of 17 goals with Verona without penalties. And above all with the mad desire to dye his life blue: « I had so many possibilities but only one thing in mind: to come here » . And in the end she made it and she doesn’t stop smiling. « I will always give everything for this team: I will show who I am. I’m sure I’m doing well » . Then if Diego is happy too, well, then it’s a party: « My father was very happy and wrote me an exciting message: he told me that all Argentines, as children, watched Maradona’s Napoli and dreamed of playing there. Here, for me this is a beautiful thing » . Yes: it is. 

AT HOME. “And then, the Cholito. And his smile: he is happy and it shows. He wanted to wear the blue jersey at any cost and waited a long time to hit the target: « The proposals of the other teams were important but not interesting: I wanted Napoli and Napoli. I know I will do well. I am sure. And I will be able to make a big leap in quality » 


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