Naples, Gazzetta: “A blue boat of nets for Spalletti”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the blue team is one of the most active in front of goal after years of great difficulty.

Naples, Gazzetta: “A blue boat of nets for Spalletti”

“Simeone 100% So inside this exceptional Naples you discover other amazing things. Like the Argentine Giovanni Simeone who in his 125 minutes played in the league shot twice towards the goal, always with his head and always scoring. Incredible: the one hundred percent accuracy that resulted in two beautiful goals that are worth 4 points more in the standings. This is to say that even those who play less – and Spalletti admitted to being sorry to sacrifice the Argentine – make an important contribution. Because every player infects competitiveness, not just enthusiasm. And the coach was very good at creating this healthy competition within the group. The ability to often change skin during the race, to remove reference points from the opponents and attack them in an always unpredictable way, making the most of the characteristics of each of his players, without exception. Because this team attacks with 10 players and all are “inside” the project and have understood the concept of being owners in the mind even for 20-30 minutes, as confirmed by the data on the goals of the substitutes: 12 even “.

Christian Marangio


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