Naples, Gazzetta: “Question and answer between ADL and Koulibaly”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, the ADL president of Napoli has caused a lot of controversy with the statements.

Naples, Gazzetta: “Question and answer between ADL and Koulibaly”

“Furious comments The contemptuous tone used by De Laurentiis, in addition to the seriousness of the statements, has generated controversy everywhere because obviously the sentences pronounced by Rivisondoli by the number one of the blue club immediately went around the world. From the early morning, on the social profiles of Napoli, which however did not give publicity to the presidential interview, angry comments began to arrive. Not only by the Azzurri fans (including De Laurentiis’ popularity at the moment is at a minimum). A lot of criticism came from Africa and in particular from the many fans in Nigeria, Cameroon and Algeria, the African countries in which the club is most followed due to the presence in the team of Osimhen, Anguissa, Ounas and Zedadka. A real wave of indignation that has risen from all over the world and which would have been avoided with greater prudence and sensitivity ”.


Offesa De Laurentiis, in fact, had launched into a long and articulated discourse on the world of European football, on the need for a midweek championship between the six best teams of the five top European leagues. Alternative to the Super League to then criticize the newly formed Conference League. Reflections that had not even aroused too much astonishment because in part already heard from the voice of De Laurentiis. Often piqued that national teams steal from clubs. The players for shorter or longer periods, logically putting them at risk of injuries ”.

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