Naples, Giuntoli: “We follow many profiles”

NAPLES MARKET – Napoli continues negotiations in the incoming market, after the sale of Koulibaly, priority is given to the new center. Giuntoli, in the final conference of the Dimaro retreat, commented on the various operations of the Partenopei.

Naples, Giuntoli: “We follow many profiles”

Cristiano Giuntoli, DS of the Neapolitans, responded to the answers related to the market, after commenting on the sale of Kalidou Koulibaly. He talked about Kim Min Jae, the failed operation for Dybala and also about Deulofeu. Here are the words of the sports director:

About Kim Min Jae:

“We follow him like others, I can’t say more. There are also other situations, we are evaluating in depth and then sink “.

About Simeone:

If there was an opportunity, we would certainly throw ourselves into it. At the moment I don’t see this opportunity, but the market is long… ”.

About Dybala, Deulofeu and the form:

“As time went by we thought that Dybala could represent an opportunity. We talked to the agents about him, not him, but we realized that it wasn’t actually an opportunity for us, and maybe the same goes for him. Is Deulofeu an opportunity? The coach wants to play 4-3-3: taking Dybala meant distorting the idea of ​​the coach. The market reserves opportunities, we are ready to evaluate and read the situations that may come upon us “.

About the offers for Fabian, Lozano and Osimhen:

“Fabian? We are talking to his entourage a couple of times a week, in a very serene way. The boy is serenp. He wants to evaluate the market opportunities and we with him. He is a footballer we care about and we also want to keep him in every way. For players on the deadline, the will of the person concerned is very important. Bayern Munich on Osimhen? We have not received any news in that case, I cannot help.Offers for Lozano?No, no offers have arrived and we are happy to have him among us. Last year was a troubled year due to the many injuries “. Giuntoli was very clear and decisive, we await updates on the upcoming negotiations for the Neapolitans in the coming days.


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