Naples, Mario Rui: “We have many leaders”

NAPLES MARIO RUI – Napoli continues their work in Castel di Sangro, after the afternoon of rest granted yesterday by Spalletti. The Partenopei are waiting with open arms for the new graft, Kim Min Jae, who is carrying out medical examinations.

Naples, Mario Rui: “We have many leaders”

The Portuguese full-back of Napoli, Mario Rui, was interviewed on the microphones of the official Radio dei Partenopei: RadioKissKiss Naples. The Portuguese talked about various topics including: the new captain and the next seasonal goals. Here are the words of the former Rome:

On scorching temperatures:

Compared to previous years something has changed in the retreat. We struggle more, the temperature feels more. We are changing something, but trying to give continuity above all to what we want to do with the ball, with the addition of athletic and strength work ”.

About Kvaratskhelia:

He is very good. It will take the time to adapt as it happens to everyone, but the player can be seen from the simple steps, dribbles. It will certainly be of great help to us, luckily we have it ”.

On the new form:

It will depend on how the game is interpreted, but it is obvious that a 4-3-3 with Insigne and Callejon was very different from today. There are players with hunger, who will want to make the history of Napoli and remain impressed in this club “.

About Osimhen:

It has a lot of quality and it shows them every day. In my opinion she is not yet 100%, she has not expressed all her talent ”.

About Mathias Olivera:

Mathias is another player we are discovering now, working closely with him. Already last year he was seen in Getafe that he qualities he has. Unfortunately he had a little problem, now he is training well. You can immediately see that he is an important player ”.

Finally on the new captain, Giovanni Di Lorenzo:

Giovanni is a very right choice. If we go and see all the pieces that a captain must have, he has them all. From how he trains, from how he behaves… he is an example to always follow ”.


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