Naples, Spalletti: “Mertens refused the renewal of the contract”

NAPLES MERTENS- Fourteenth day of retreat for Napoli in Castel di Sangro, today cardio-pulmonary work for Spalletti’s men. On Sunday the Azzurri will face the Spaniards of Espanyol at 20:30, at the Teofilo-Patini stadium.

Naples, Spalletti: “Mertens refused the renewal of the contract”

The coach of the Partenopei, Luciano Spalletti, gave a very long interview to Corriere della Sera. He talked about various topics related mainly to Dries Mertens and the Kvaratskhelia technique. Here are the words of the coach from Certaldo:

On the new cycle:

We managed to do great things, with almost half a team with the contract expiring. Guys I thank for their professionalism right up to the last minute. Really good. An important cycle has closed, with players who have made history and we open another page together. The new Napoli turns in the direction of strong young people, in the downsizing of salaries and in the philosophy of sustainability. Around us I feel skepticism, I’m sorry. Because we are doing our best to be ready. Thanks to a market that, within certain boundaries, is functional to our needs “.

On the market:

We are working on already very fertile ground: Kim, Kvaratskhelia have made themselves available and seem receptive to me. They all are, even last year’s veterans. It remains to be seen, along the way, how good they will have been at transposing the contents that my staff and I try to put in place. Besides, it’s not over here ”.

About Giacomo Raspadori:

He is not my player, who is a guy who would have all the characteristics to give us a hand. Young, strong, versatile in all attacking roles, intelligent and above all polite. He has personality, and we have lost some of it in the transition from one cycle to another. Let’s see, with him we would be in the right direction. He would be the natural replacement for Mertens ”.

Finally, on Dries Mertens:

Let’s clarify: it wasn’t me, it wasn’t the club that didn’t want it with us. Mertens could have given us a great hand. But the company made him an offer and he didn’t accept. I keep myself out of these dynamics, and that’s right “.


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