Napoli- Bagni, CdS: “This team needs time”

NAPLES- BAGNI, CDS- As reported today by the CdS on Bagni’s words regarding the blue moment which is very delicate.

Napoli- Bagni, CdS: “This team needs time”


 Weakened » . And then, the prospects: super according to Victor and yet to be discovered for a man who lived and wrote the history of the great Naples of Diego and the other immortals. « Osimhen legitimately expressed his thoughts but I repeat: players of high level and international depth who have made another history, the recent one, have gone away, and in my opinion we cannot think that the group can be stronger. On paper it is not so, on the contrary: for now let’s say that the team has been weakened by a series of farewells that have been determined by circumstances, for heaven’s sake, and in the long run we need to verify » . In summary: « It is true that Napoli did not manage to win with Insigne, Mertens, Koulibaly, Ospina and I would also add Ghoulam, a pivot of the group despite a very short playing time in recent years, but they have certainly been decisive for growth. In just one season it is difficult to think of having already replaced them » 

THE WEATHER. Bagni, specifically, makes a broad speech that is independent of the market: « Before judging definitively, I would wait for the league and Champions League matches. The practical verification. And regardless of the market that has been and will be until the closing, there is no reason to think that the team will come out strengthened after the transfer campaign: new ideas have come and will come out, also because at a certain point we have to change, but from the point of view of me and of all those who have admired the feats of those who have gone away from near or far, in order not to accuse the departures would need players able to command the defense, to score and make assists.

Of leaders » . It’s still: « Spalletti himself, intelligently, explained the difficulties of the next championship, also because the others focused on experienced people: in a year it is difficult to think of having replaced those who started. We need time: I hope, especially as a fan and in love, that Napoli will be among the top four. I would be very happy… Then maybe Osimhen is right and in three-quarters of the championship the Azzurri are first, but everyone’s thinking is different. Including mine » 

PURCHASES OK. The market, however, is promoted: « They moved well. I’ve always liked Olivera: he’s physically fit, he rips, fits in and he’s mature. Very offensive. He is and will be the holder of Uruguay at the World Cup, but he will play with Mario Rui who is not watching. Kvaratskhelia has imagination, physical strength, he dribbles a lot: he is very sure of his qualities and always tries the game, he is not shy, but let’s give him time.

Ten million is given away, Napoli did well » . And Kim? « Physically he is a beast: he is not slow and he is structured, very strong beyond height, and his best gift is one on one. Here, however, we are talking about replacing Koulibaly: if Spalletti wanted to chain himself, there will be a reason. Now I expect a center forward and a goalkeeper » . Yesterday, in the meantime, the season ticket campaign began: « You have to convince the fans to come to the stadium with performances and a ranking. You have to start strong and you will approach people » .

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