Naples, CdS: “Kim finally arrives in Italy”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Napoli today has really put their hands and the lock on the post Koulibaly that will arrive in Italy today.

‘Kim Min-jae’s agent has arrived in Castel di Sangro. Indeed at the Aqua Montis Resort in Rivisondoli, the Naples headquarters: the parties have decided to meet to close an exhausting negotiation and finally give the green light to the player, until yesterday in Lisbon, Portugal, with a suitcase already closed and your passport in your pocket. He is ready to leave for Rome and therefore to join the team in Abruzzo, but before confirming the flight and toasting a transfer and a Champions League that he wanted at all costs by giving up the last corner at Rennes of his teacher Genesio it is necessary define every bureaucratic detail. “

“And therefore of a fiscal nature: just as De Laurentiis said on Saturday, at the opening of the retreat. Yesterday the president, the sports director Giuntoli and the player’s agent worked and then again, a fight against time: the common goal is that today Kim arrives in Italy, carries out medical examinations at Villa Stuart and then joins already in evening at the group. The negotiation with Monza for Petagna, and consequently also the one with Verona for Cholito Simeone, remains frozen pending Berlusconi’s approval. The long waits of the market. The long summer of Napoli. ”

Naples, CdS: “Kim finally arrives in Italy”

THE BLITZ.And then, the blitz. To close, to conclude and put an end to a story that seemed to have been written for days: Kim in Naples and goodbye and thanks. The blue club has for a while found an agreement with Fenerbahce on the basis of the amount of the release clause – 20 million – and the Korean giant greeted his teammates and flew to Lisbon. The business capital of the agency that looks after his interests: the team was found under the profile of the engagement, but certain aspects of a fiscal nature represented an obstacle that De Laurentiis himself summarized as follows: « When you shop there are certain lawyers and certain prosecutors who ask you for the moon. Should I pay his taxes in Korea too? » . Kim, however, was chosen to fill the void left by Koulibaly “.

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