Napoli, first championship match ball. With Vlahovic Juve also in the running for the title. Inzaghi and Pioli under accusation

Inside the mediocrity of Italian football that you give Palaces (League of A just a police station, frontal wars against the president Figc Gravina) moves in perfect osmosis on the pitch, the Naples that beats the Lazio to the last breath and comes back leading the championship reaching the Milan.


Late Sunday a Naples, the formation of Spalletti he faces the Rossoneri himself and, with a success, he can oust them for the umpteenth (and perhaps definitive) time from the Scudetto race. The resurrection of Napoli is due to its own merit, but also the son of a minor league where Milan e Inter they stopped running and behind, the competition (Juventus, Atalanta, Rome e Lazio) goes to alternating current, more committed to contesting referees, Yes e System (Gasperini, Mourinho e Sarri) than to do self-criticism.

Thus, cornered by rather fierce criticism after the reverse with the Barcelona and the draws with Inter and Cagliari, Spalletti managed to regroup the team, making it resurrect within 72 hours. Insigne, whistled in Europa League has risen all‘Olympic, the Tuscan coach quickly abandoned the tactical doubts and uncertainties that had led him to adopt a 3-5-2 in Cagliari. immediately rejected as a foreign body by the team. Thus, on the night of the Olimpico, the first championship match ball to be exploited in next Sunday’s match against Milan materializes.


With the Milanese at just barely acceptable and constant driving levels, the Naples he would not be able to relaunch quickly and the Juventus to rise so significantly in the rankings. OnInter and on its 2022 horribilis, Simone also has some considerable guilt Inzaghi, thus far, strangely protected by criticism. Could it be because of its being so politically correct? Possible. But a more careful analysis of the schedule of the Inter technician in recent seasons at Lazio, we understand how the season finals are certainly not his forte: an average of about 50% of games lost in the last 12 days of the last two seasons, does not argue in his favor.

The reasons? Inzaghi he is considered one who makes his teams work with little intensity: if, at the beginning of the season this aspect is a plus to get in shape immediately and take off, now the holding and the navigation route in the long term lose blows in a worrying way because there would have been the necessary athletic work calls to tackle the season finale.


Despite a contract expiring until 2023 with a renewal option, Stefano Pioli risks being sacked at the end of the season if he fails to reverse course. After the disappointing peer of Salerno, the1 to 1 inside against aUdinese certainly not irresistible. Against the teams placed on the right side of the table, the Milan he only collected 33 points out of the 45 available. Among these, two draws with Udinese, one with Salernitana and two defeats with Spezia e Sassuolo. Rudi GarciaEx Rome, Marseille e Lyon and Unay Emery, contract until 2023 with the Villarreal, are two shadows not to be overlooked on the future of Pioli in the Rossoneri.


Dusan’s impact Vlahovic on Juventus it was total, what was missing ad Allegri and his disappointing game, to get back into the running; for a seat shiitake mushrooms at least but also, sensationally for it title if high, the big ones they will continue to brake. Also to Empoli Juventus disappointed in terms of quality and football knowledge, but with Vlahovic in the engine and with his goals (brace against the Tuscans) the music has changed. With him, now everything is possible: scores like CR7 but, unlike the Portuguese, he is a true leader because on the pitch he slams like a lion, he fights even when there is a need to defend himself and his body language it’s overwhelming and engaging even for teammates.

Di Paolo Bargiggia


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