Napoli, Gazzetta: “Kvara with Diaz are ready for the Champions League”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- Tomorrow the Champions League match between Napoli and Liverpool the two great players are ready to give the Gazzetta a show.

Napoli, Gazzetta: “Kvara with Diaz are ready for the Champions League”

“From the origins with fury Football is full of stories of redemption, which excite and surprise. Theirs, which are born in the peripheries of the ball, are rightfully part of it. Kvara as a child experienced the tragedy of war. When he was seven, in 2008, Russia occupied a city close to his Tbilisi. Not easy to play football with the echo of the bombs, with the father far away, In Azerbaijan. With a touch of recklessness, combined with passion and talent, Khvicha grew up and, look at it, right in Russia he began to shine before escaping from another war, the one between Putin and Ukraine. Luis Diaz’s childhood was less dangerous, but just as tough. For the origins and for his physique. He was born in Barrancas, Colombia, where almost half of the population is of the indigenous Wayuu community, like him. Poverty and isolation. Luis learned to dribble and keep the ball attached to his foot because he started slalom between the stones. And he learned to suffer because, like a certain Messi, he had a growth problem. At 17, his discoverer says, he looked 13. But he was too good not to stand out with football instead of ending up like most young people in Barrancas working at the Cerrejon, the largest open-cast coal mine in Latin America. . At the first indigenous tournament, there was Carlos Valderrama in the stands, who took a second to understand the potential of this little indigenous ”.

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