Napoli, Gazzetta: “Raspadori more and more blue, today the final squeeze”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta, Napoli is really in a big way for Raspadori, today a decisive day.

Napoli, Gazzetta: “Raspadori more and more blue, today the final squeeze”

“Raspa, it’s now The 4-2-3-1 is the form that Napoli has imagined for Giacomo Raspadori. By the way, it was a Sunday on the phone to bring the national team’s talent to blue. All pressing against Sassuolo, starting with the attacker’s agent, Tullio Tinti. There was no shortage of contacts with Napoli, in the hope that the parties will make up the difference of 5 million. De Laurentiis is stopped at 30 million. The CEO Neroverde Giovanni Carnevali, meanwhile, is working to close the agreement for Andrea Pinamonti of Inter. And if he unties this knot, even Napoli could take advantage of it. Maybe already today: there is an appointment between the parties and a shared trust. It will be decisive “.

Napoli, Gazzetta: “Raspadori more and more blue, today the final squeeze”

“Surplus for Navas With Napoli, in fact, we will get to the heart from today: the Azzurri intend to sell Ruiz for a figure between 25 and 30 million and aim to do so quickly because until a few days ago they feared to stay with the match in hand and with a “bulky” player at the end of the contract. As a result, everything could be successful in close proximity but – as always happens in these cases – a minimum of caution is still required because all the pieces have not yet gone into place. The Keylor Navas affair, which for some time has connected PSG and Naples, could in fact enter the Ruiz affair with De Laurentiis which in practice asks the French to evaluate a few million more the Spanish card and then with that “surplus” pay the engagement of Navas, who would arrive in blue on loan (maybe two years) “.

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