Napoli, Giuntoli: “I tried to defend Koulibaly”

NAPLES KOULIBALY- Napoli continues their retreat in Dimaro Folgarida, today the last day in Trentino for the Partenopei. The Azzurri will return to Castelvolturno again and from 23 July they will go to Castel Di Sangro.

Napoli, Giuntoli: “I tried to defend Koulibaly”

In the conference at the end of the retreat, the DS of Naples, Cristiano Giuntoli spoke in front of Dimaro’s microphones, touching on various topics. One of the most frequently asked questions is related to the non-renewal and consequent sale of Koulibaly. Here are Giuntoli’s words: “Koulibaly? I told you it was not transferable, we tried to keep it in every way but we couldn’t. When I told you that he had taken his time it wasn’t true: he had already told us that he wanted to leave Napoli, I just tried to defend him. We are sorry, but Napoli will go on, we believe we have a strong team ”. These are the words of the sports director of the Neapolitans, the story linked in the last hours is strange. The Azzurri will now have a great player to replace, the number one suspect remains Kim Min Jae. It is inevitable, however, that much more is needed to heal the wound between the fans and the patron. The question marks for the next season of the Neapolitans are really many.


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