Napoli- Osimhen, CdS: “This team will give a hard time”

NAPLES- OSIMHEN, CDS- As reported by the CdS newspaper, the words of the blue bomber Osimhen who shakes Napoli for next season.

Napoli- Osimhen, CdS: “This team will give a hard time”


She runs like the wind and never stops: where does all this strength come from? 
« I love Nigerian cuisine. All of our foods: that’s where I get most of my energy. But I also like pasta with tomato sauce. And the lasagna » 

Nigeria is the Great Mother and she, as she likes to define herself, is: “Just a boy from Olusosun”. 
« Olusosun is a special place for me. It is a place where no one gives you anything and you have to fight for everything. Also to eat. I had to overcome my limits to live » 

Today, however, Osimhen is one of the forwards on the cover. Napoli values ​​it over 100 million euros. 
« I have lived through very difficult moments, even private ones, but Napoli have always been close to me and this is one of the reasons why I am here. So I play for the club and the team and never for myself. For the rest, I think I deserve the hype and the good things that are said about me, even though I believe I can still improve in many aspects. » 

She’s happy? 
« Of course! I’m in a beautiful city and a wonderful club. Great. Naples is one of the best places to be a footballer: Diego Armando Maradona played here, the best ever, and I consider it a privilege and a great honor to play in the stadium named after him » .

The Scudetto would have multiplied his happiness … 
« We were very, very close to the Scudetto: we all gave everything to win it, but this is football. It was and remains a dream: we will try again. Even the Champions League, however, was a dream and we achieved it » 
An era is over and a new era is dawning. 
« The team has changed a lot. Insigne, Ospina, Koulibaly, Mertens and Ghoulam, key men and great leaders, have gone and I want to thank them: I love them all and wish them only the best. Now, however, there are other leaders: I’m happy for Giovanni Di Lorenzo, the new captain, and then there’s Mario Rui. And among other things, new good, determined and technical players have arrived who will help us fill the void left by these great champions » 

There are Olivera, Ostigard, Kvaratskhelia. Soon Kim too. 
« They will increase our quality. Few believe that we will be competitive for the Scudetto and it is an opinion that I respect: I, however, think that in the next season we will be able to do much, much better than the last. We will do everything to improve further: we are very motivated, we worked well in Dimaro and now we continue in Castel di Sangro. Napoli is still strong. Definitely strong » 

She too, Osimhen, speaks like a leader. 
« I repeat: our points of reference are Mario and Giovanni, they are the ones to set an example, but each of us, on the pitch, must take on their responsibilities. Too easy for them to do it, we must all be leaders: I have these things inside and I make them grow in the way I motivate the team and in which I am close to my teammates. I always say we can do it. And all this also gives me the impetus to continue and insist » 

Do you like his nickname? Oh yeah. 
« Yes a lot. Nobody calls me Victor anymore » 
Good. Lukaku, Lautaro, Immobile, Dybala, Vlahovic, Osi: who will be the top scorer?
« They are all great strikers, but that is not my goal: I would be happier to win the Scudetto with the team » 

Without his goals it will be difficult. Serve seriously, think about it.

 « Well, it will be a good fight: Immobile is my favorite Italian striker. I like it a lot. Vlahovic is also very strong. Then Lukaku is back, there is Lautaro. And there I am. It will be a good fight » 
Maybe with a little more luck, why not. 
« It would help, yes. I’m sick of injuries » 

Who runs faster: Osimhen or Leao?
« Leao is fast but … i or I’m really fast » 

Osi or Kvara? 
« I am the fastest on the team! He too, however, is fast ball and chain. He is very technical » 

Osi or Bolt? 
« Bolt! » . He laughs. 

Returning to the championship, the competition is considerable: Juve, Milan, Inter, Rome, Lazio, Fiorentina, Atalanta. 
« I like watching my team and I think it’s always the strongest. Juve, however, has strengthened a lot with Di Maria and Pogba, and then Inter with Lukaku, Roma with Dybala … We too, however, have made great purchases. » .

Speaking of the transfer market: you have been compared to Bayern, Newcastle, Arsenal, United, Atletico. 
« I o I’m in Napoli. And I have great respect for my club » 

Let’s be honest: the fans are still worried. 
« They are just market rumors: I’m fine here and I’ve never had such close relationships with everyone as at this moment. I spoke to the president, he is the one who decides, and he reassured me by explaining the club’s plans. I am happy with what he told me and the purchases are of quality: words were followed by deeds. I am very happy to play with the Naples and in the future v edremo » 

 How is your relationship with Spalletti? 
« He is a top coach: every day he tries to motivate me and make me make the most of the potential I have. I think he is the ideal coach for me at this stage: he is one of the reasons why I always give my best. I am happy when he is satisfied with my performance i “ 

Drogba spoke highly of her. 
« He is my idol, my example: he has always motivated me to become who I am and one day I hope to get closer to him. Today I am also inspired by Harry Kane, but there are many around i strikers that I like and from whom they can learn something » 

What do you like besides football? 
« Nba and especially wrestling: the great Randy Orton is my favorite, I never miss a match. And then I love rap, I like music that comes from the soul: when I listen to it I feel inspired. I remember where I was before, what I went through, and where I am today. Music, however, depends on the mood: if I have to reflect, think deeply, I prefer soft music » 
His Naples: the city, the people, the life. 

« I like everything. Much. When I go out, on foot or by car, people make me feel really important: they greet me, encourages me. One thing I understood about Napoli is that people are crazy for football and for the team. The warmth and support are truly insane and never lacking: the fans are always there no matter how things go. Can I take advantage? » 
You’re welcome.
« I want to say that I appreciate them so much for what they give us: with God’s help I hope to do well on the pitch and thank them even better. I want to make them proud of me. In this season that will begin in Verona we will be more and more united: thank you Napoli fans, thank you very much, from the heart » 

Does Victor have a dream?
« First of all: I am here and I am proud of myself. Where did I come from: I had to start over twice from scratch after being turned down by two clubs, but then finally the Lill a he offered me a chance to redeem and now I’m in Naples. Today I can do whatever I want and I consider myself lucky. I have already fulfilled my dreams: the new to come will be as a bonus » .

 Christian Marangio


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