Napoli, Perillo: “I expected the Azzurri to do everything for Dybala”

NAPLES, PERILLO – radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, with Antonello Perillo.

Napoli, Perillo: “I expected the Azzurri to do everything for Dybala”

“I thought that Napoli would be able to make the decisive paw, also because Adl had said through Giuntoli that they had offered six million to the Argentine. I seem to have understood that Napoli have tried, and from what I know they also offered something more than Roma. I suppose that Joya did not like the Naples project, then Mourinho took the field and, without taking anything away from Spalletti, his charisma was decisive, a bit like what happened with Benitez who convinced a lot of players to accept Napoli. I think the transfers made by the Azzurri are also weighed, because then in Campania he would have played the Champions League, so I think it’s a question of the project ”.
Did Dybala expect a few more calls?
“I have no doubt he was expecting more calls, perhaps even some better offers. He too realized that football has changed, a couple of years ago a Dybala released on the market would never have been seen. Today there are many who, despite their age, are interesting profiles. Even Belotti, frankly, I would take him in a hurry, instead it seems that he will go to France. Among the possibilities received, the Rome project was certainly the one that tempted him the most ”.

Osimhen, Perillo: “The Bavarians want Victor”

“I say yes, because if the Bavarians want Victor and satisfy the economic demands of Adl, it would be difficult to convince the president to keep him. If that happens, it would be a disaster, having already lost Ospina, Koulibaly, Mertens and Insigne. It would be a very evident downsizing. Then, for heaven’s sake, we went on even after losing the God of football, so you just need to understand who will take Napoli “.

JUVENTUS, DE LIGT- “Very true, but they have a terrific midfield. With the shots Pogba and Di Maria the team is very competitive. Then there will be the return of the Church, also a patrimony of the national team and a fundamental man for Italy’s victory in the European Championship. Finally there is Vlahovic. In defense they can fix many things if they win the tug-of-war with Inter for Bremer ”.

NAPLES, PERILLO: “The Azzurri have really weakened, but …”

“Inter have strengthened even more thanks to Lukaku, Juve too. Milan are working, Roma have made some important hits. Napoli has weakened but we are waiting for the end of the market. To date, however, I see the Azzurri fighting for the top four positions, which does not mean getting there. If Deulofeu, who is not Dybala, should arrive, it is an upgrade, as well as if he were to accept Kim Min Jae, despite the fact that he has never been tested in Italian football. The Azzurri remain a competitive team ”.
Is the downsizing of Napoli the prelude to the sale of the club?
“I don’t know, but I know that Adl has accustomed us to surprises of all kinds, even on the market, such as when it replaced Quagliarella with a semi-unknown Cavani. Very often Napoli has come close to the Scudetto dream under the De Laurentiis management, I don’t know if he will intend to give up before having won, given that he has always won the challenges in his life. When he talked about Napoli from the Scudetto he believed it, maybe he wants to do it by revolutionizing the staff. Seeking, it’s strange to see him with this low profile even in Dimaro. Who knows, maybe he will make some important shots that will make Spalletti’s team very competitive. The important thing, in the next championship, is to start off on the right foot as in the past one, because if the team starts badly, the dispute could become unsustainable ”.

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