Napoli, Spalletti: “We’ll get a strong goalkeeper”

NAPLES GOALKEEPER – Napoli continues their retirement, today the thirteenth day of training in Castel di Sangro. The Partenopei at 18:30 yesterday against Girona, a match won 3-1. Kvaratskhelia appeared in excellent form, author of the penalty that closed the match.

Napoli, Spalletti: “We’ll get a strong goalkeeper”

Luciano Spalletti, Napoli coach, was interviewed in the mixed-zone after the match they won against Girona. He talked about various topics including: the new goalkeeper and commented on the game of his he players. Here are the words of the former Roma coach:

On the probable landing of Kepa:

Kepa? We’ll get a strong goalkeeper. We all know the value of the Chelsea goalkeeper, if there are opportunities, we will sink the shot. He would be an excellent purchase in terms of experience, a high-level player “.

About Kvaratskhelia:

Kvara has this potential, he points, he is technical, he gets out of situations when nobody expects him and gives you the outlet. You have noticed it… we have known it for a long time. Happy for the coldness shown by the 11 meters “.

About Meret:

A couple of good interventions, I read that he was told something last time, it was acceptable… tonight he made good interventions, we aim for double roles in every department and Meret is one, we will evaluate the market ”.


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