National: forward with Gravina’s recovery plan and with Mancini but reforms immediately. Here is who is rowing against the Azzurri

Now that Mancini has decided to continue in the project with the National up to the next World Cup in America, the situation of the national team, in the light of the last shock elimination against the Macedonia and exclusion from the World Cup in qatar, deserves serious and in-depth considerations that absolutely avoid falling into the trap of the Bar Sport debate. This is our opinion. These are the main culprits, examined according to their degree of responsibility. This is the change that must absolutely be faced in order to avoid staying still for other years margins of international football. 


As soon as the final whistle of the match with the Macedonia the hunt for the culprit has begun. On the head of the federal president Gravina the vultures of the Football Palace asking for his resignation, based on the previous experience of his predecessors such as Fir before and Tavecchio then. However, pretending not to remember that the National had recently conquered thelast European and many had climbed onto the victor Gravina’s chariot. Which, it is fair to remember, just last February he was re-elected to the top of the Football Association with over the 73% of consents.

Unfortunately, those who blow the fire asking for Gravina’s head are the same executives as Serie A, always too many, who consciously and for their own interest curb the Relaunch Plan of Italian football which, moreover, represents the programmatic sign of the president Figs. Among them, Claudio lotito and his grooms, very active in the media. Especially now that Gravina, strongly supported by Uefa, is engaged in the meritorious battle to introduce the liquidity index also for registration in Serie A.

Unfortunately, the national team ended up in this war of power. The barrage of the League of A the request of the FIGC to postpone the championship day that preceded the first qualifying match against Macedonia is quite emblematic in this sense. With a few more days of work, as Lele also said Adani, Mancini could have better assessed the condition of his players.


As he had been given so many credit for the success at the European Championship, now Mancini it should certainly not be protected tout court by critics but not even put on the stake: to exit the World Cup with the Macedonia after a limping path on the road to qualification it is certainly a fault, but the coach’s football ideas are always good and future-proof. The faults that also affect Mancio? Too much gratitude towards certain players who at this stage of the season have flat tires and, against Macedonia, they were not deployed.

How Insigne, one among Jorginho e Verratti and also Property. But even here, we are convinced that changing coaches would be useless, it would mean starting over with the little good that Mancini has built, fishing in a championship like the Italian one engulfed by too many foreigners, many scarce and with youth sectors that, for interest and culture present in western Sicily “. e myopia they arrive almost programmatically to marginalize the many Italian talents.


To do this, at least a good part of the Relaunch Plan, through what he called “The Match of the Future” predicted by Gabriele Gravina. Here are our suggestions.

1) Too many foreign in the sectors youth to act as a stopper for the growth of Italian children. Why? Because these mainly carry money into the pockets of many prosecutors and managers through their own Trade. But limiting the number would be possible as well as necessary. How? Through a gentlemen agreement among club presidents to put a roof for foreigners to be deployed on the field. This would easily circumvent European legislation on the free movement of workers. They did it in Germany (7 players of German nationality on the field out of the 11 players) in Spain and also in other countries.

2) Make the establishment of the second teams, to be enrolled in the professional leagues. In Italy he did so by choice only Juventus with l ‘Under 23. The other clubs boycotted the idea because the presidents preferred, out of interest, to invest the money in the second teams. You see lotito with the Salernitana e De Laurentiis with the Bari.

3) Following the line of reasoning in point 2, consequently the Spring championship, a useless “child’s play” that stops the growth of young talents, forcing them to play a useless tournament with the same age for one or two seasons when, in other countries, their peers soon end up in first team and the most capable do the European Cups by owners. Via the Primavera championship then and youth tournaments only untilUnder 18. The choice to introduce the relegations in the current Primavera championship.

4) Simply copy France, Germany, Belgium and Spain which, for years now, in different ways over the years, have established a Federal Center reference point for the best young talents where the meritocracy, with coaches and soccer masters qualified and well paid.

5) Reviewing working methods and top figures in the youth sector who have been part of one for too many years reference figure only which is not bringing the desired results.

5) He’s right Gravina in the perspective of a modern thought in wanting to consider the National as a Club, but the club needs to be significantly reinforced with technical and managerial figures to be merged into a Technical Committee who works alongside the recruiter and supports him in his choices. Now Mancini he is basically a lonely man on the bench, with few thick interlocutors able to give him a hand. In the Technical Committee should be included 3 or 4 managers of the Italian clubs participating in the shiitake mushrooms and 3 or 4 figures of important coaches of the past. The last one World Cup won by Italy with Lippi in 2006 he had in the hybrid figure of Luciano moggi (at the time Juve CEO) a support figure for the coach and the whole Italian club.

6) Expect e raise awareness among coaches of clubs so that they try to work in the week and then in the game on higher rhythms that are close to the average of the other European championships. In Italy only Gasperini and few others seek rhythm and intensity. 

7) Hope that the arbitrators change the yardstick and methods of directing matches, too often interrupted by minor or even non-existent fouls. In this way the intensity of the matches drops too much and then brought back to the national team or, more generally in the European field, there is trouble. In this sense Fabio is right Capello.

Di Paolo Bargiggia

Written by News Releases

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