Poet of the week: Antonin Barak

After the twenty-second matchday of Serie A, the “Poet of the week“Can only be Antonin Barak. The Czech attacking midfielder ofGreece Verona in the challenge of Mapei against Sassuolo stamped all four of his team’s goals, scoring a hat-trick and an assist. The first goal came with a bit of luck, thanks to a rebound in front of the goal Advice, the second on a penalty and the third with a great technical gesture: Kalinic, with his back to the goal, he manages to reward the central insertion of Barak, who beats the black-green goalkeeper with a delicious little dig.

The Verona attacking midfielder is experiencing his best season in Serie A: he has scored eight goals and four assists and has no intention of stopping. For fantasy football lovers, his fantasy is like a striker (7.92). Four of the eight goals scored by Barak so far in Serie A have come from penalties: the interesting fact is that the Czech in his career has only kicked five penalties in official matches and has not missed a single one.

Antonin Barak is proving to be a complete player: quantity, quality, goals and assists make him one of the top of the department in Italy. Class of ’94, the former Udinese e Lecce this season with Igor Tudor he is finding that continuity that he lacked in the past. He is ready to take the leap into a big one (the Milan and some teams of the Premier League have set their sights on him), but Hellas Verona will try to hold on to him, at least until the summer, when resisting the great offers that will come will be very difficult for him.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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