Poison on the scudetto race between Milan and Naples: De Laurentiis studies the appeal for the disqualification of Osimhen and in the meantime draws the new Insigne

A week with bated breath for National clinging to playoffs to get in Qatar and then your head will be all on the run title. Let’s clear the field of doubts immediately: for us it will be exclusively a 2-way race between Milan and Naples separated by 3 points in favor of the Rossoneri. Goal difference instead in favor of the formation of Spalletti in case of finishing with equal points. Not easy for Napoli, however, unless Victor Osimhen, the Man of Providence, keep dressing from Maradona, an element capable of making the difference on its own in an increasingly collective football.


In short, the Cooperative of the called goal Milan (as many as 16 Rossoneri went on the net this season with the success a Cagliari) against the lonely Victor. In the middle, however, at the resumption of the championship, the Naples finds himself with one less Osimhen (cautioned with theUdinese, was warned) and a ‘Atalanta in addition to Bergamo: very complicated trip.

To the formation of Spalletti they will also be missing Rahmani, disqualified and By Lorenzo injured in the league and also a precious loss for the National; a month’s forecast for his return. The injured party was also absent in Bergamo Petagna. The non-existent admonition of Osimhen against Udinese he sent De Laurentiis on a rampage and during the week the patron of Napoli will try to make himself heard with the top referees.

Napoli has even entrusted to their own Legal the file on the Nigerian striker waiting to see the report of the referee’s motivation on admonition against Udinese in the final minutes when, falling, the ball landed on his arm resting on the ground.

From a technical point of view, an error by the referee because it is clear that a player falling cannot remove the support arm risking breaking his neck. Napoli will therefore also make these evaluations.

Milan will instead play at San Siro against a Bologna in almost free fall and, if he confirms that he has really found the right gear even with the so-called “Small”, then it could stretch further on racing championship.

Just slip at minus 5 after the next round is the realistic prediction of Napoli who are planning to draw in Bergamo and then start again in the scudetto run up to the end of the championship.


In full crisis and with the Juventus to be faced away at the resumption of the championship. That’s why we consider theInter out from the championship race and, barring sudden kidney blows, also overtaken by the formation of Allegri in third place; now the two teams are only spaced apart by a point.

Paradoxicaldisbelief of observers and the media on the abrupt halt in the formation of Inzaghi: everyone wondering the reasons e no one able to give a convincing answer. Yet it would be enough to look at the trend of the last two seasons of the Lazio by Simone Inzaghi: 4 defeats, 1 equal and 3 victories in the last 8 days.

Only about 50% of successes in last 12. Coincidence? Not so much, In fact the reason must be found in deficient athletic work of the team in compliance with Inzaghi’s philosophy: little work, the same fast start but I arrive on my legs when the other opponents, on the other hand, keep running.


La Rome disintegrated the Lazio, recovering with interest on Derby of the outward journey. These are still the appointments of Mourinho, coach in flexion but still Analysis in inflaming the appointments that matter: first it provoked Sarri and Lazio with the phrase on the “cigarette that you smoke the coach out of European competitions”, Then he laughed Zeman that Sarri preferred him for the type of game he played. Engaged in the championship race but also on the market for next season.

Il Naples is trying to close with the Rubin Kazan for the Georgian attacking winger Khvica Kvaratskelia, class 2001, cost on 12 millioni: it should be more him right now, compared to the free agent Januzaj, the after Insigne.

For the after Fabian Ruizprobably his cession, eyes also on Belgian talent De Ketelaere, even him 2001, but a somewhat expensive goal and a lot of contention by other prestigious European clubs. 

Di Paolo Bargiggia

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